If Bart De Wever is not Prime Minister, the N-VA will choose the federal opposition

By The editorial team with Belga

4 hours ago

This is what he indicated in an interview published Thursday by “Gazet van Antwerpen”.

Bart de Wever ©BelgaImage

I’m the only one I trust to be Prime Minister“, the president of the nationalists had already suggested. In this interview, he perseveres on this path. Is 16 rue de la Loi a condition for entering a federal government? “PFor me, personally, yes. Because if we have someone else – look at the current Prime Minister – we will no longer find a shoehorn to get him out“, he said.

The nationalist leader highlighted the heavy task that would fall to whoever led the next federal government.

Our debt reaches 605 billion euros and we are going to have the largest budget deficit in Europe. A person who says today: ‘Yay, I want to become Prime Minister’ is someone who only thinks of himself or who is crazy. One of the two. I don’t want to be Prime Minister because it will look good on my death announcement. I’m not like that. Next PM expects tsunami of misery, draconian savings and reforms“, he warned.

During the televised debate between Mr. De Wever and the president of the PS, Paul Magnette, the latter rejected the idea of ​​seeing the president of the N-VA become Prime Minister. And conversely, the nationalists do not intend to enter a federal government of which Mr. Magnette would be Prime Minister.



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