Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds: they have created a 100% local breakfast to start the day off right

Would you like a balanced breakfast that’s tasty and quick to prepare? Look no further than the Loire! We have found a formula that is good for the taste buds and good for the body.

How about a balanced, good breakfast that allows you to last all morning without being hungry? This is the challenge that Basal Nutrition took on, in Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds.

At the origin of the project, Sandrine and three friends. After having worked for a long time in food chemistry, they decided to put their knowledge at the service of a healthy nutrition and balanced.

A complete, short-circuit breakfast in three minutes

This is how Sandrine and her team created a healthy porridge. oatmeal, flax, chocolate shavings to add a bit of a gourmet touch.

All with local origins or from responsible agriculture. Mix with a little milk… and microwave for three minutes. Add some seasonal fruits to add color and a little more vitamins, and that’s it!

To help you start the day off right, we went to meet Sandrine and her dietician Laëtitia. They tell us all the secrets of a successful porridge in the Charles Napoli Story podcast !

Also find this 100% local pride on its website:

The porridge ingredients are already ready, ideal for waking up! © Radio France
Charles Napoli
The finished product, decorated with seasonal fruits, is appetizing © Radio France
Charles Napoli


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