David Guetta under the spotlight after his cosmetic surgery!

The electronic music scene has always been marked by David Guetta’s performances and hits, but recently, it’s his appearance that has the talk. Fans expressed their surprise and criticism on social networks after the broadcast of a video where the DJ appeared to have changed physically. Comments are rife, with some suggesting that Guetta may have resorted to cosmetic procedures such as botox or a facelift, with results considered unnatural.

Despite the comments on his look, David Guetta remains an essential figure in music. Since the announcement of his concert at the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille, which sold out in just a few minutes, it is obvious that his popularity is not waning. Guetta recently thanked his fans in a video, sparking reactions to his appearance.

At the same time, Guetta’s private life has also been in the spotlight. He and his ex-wife Cathy shared 22 years of life together before separating in 2014. Cathy Guetta spoke of their meeting and the unconditional love she had for him, despite a separation which she describes as a traumatic shock . Today, everyone has rebuilt their lives, David Guetta with model Jessica Ledon, with whom he recently had a child, and Cathy Guetta, who has made a new start while maintaining a friendly relationship with her ex-husband for the many of their children.

The Guetta-Ledon couple went through ups and downs, with a breakup followed by a reconciliation. David Guetta, at 56, is now the father of a little boy named Cyan, the fruit of his love with Jessica, 24 years his junior. This new fatherhood adds to his still-dynamic career, although he has shared the challenges and dark sides of the DJ life in previous interviews.

Fans will have the opportunity to see David Guetta in person during his concert in Marseille and form their own opinion on his appearance. Regardless, the DJ continues to thrill the crowds with his music, and that’s what his admirers seem to cherish above all.



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