[EDITO] Rima Hassan wants France to return to Algeria what belongs to it. Chick!

[EDITO] Rima Hassan wants France to return to Algeria what belongs to it. Chick!
[EDITO] Rima Hassan wants France to return to Algeria what belongs to it. Chick!

It is rare that Rima Hassan quotes Le Figaro. Yet this is what she did on her X account, suddenly breaking with her monomaniacal obsession (Palestine, Palestine, Palestine). However, she is not talking about Europe, which the LFI candidate mocks like her first keffiyeh, but about Algeria. More precisely from the list of “property to be returned to him” that Algiers has just officially transmitted to Paris: “an open list of symbolic goods from 19th century Algeriae century, preserved in different French institutions, proposed for restitution to Algeria in the form of symbolic gestures”.

Give it all back, really?

Rima Hassan does not just relay the information, she comments: “It is time for France to return everything it owes to Algeria…” In another post, she specifies: “Starting with all the skulls of Algerian fighters in the Musée de l’Homme. » Fine point, the wasp: the morbid nature of this last sentence suggests abominable crimes, a massacre, why not a genocide, since the word is fashionable? These are, among the 18,000 skulls (from that of Cro-Magnon to that of Descartes) preserved at the Musée de l’Homme for historical and scientific purposes, the 68 skulls of Algerian fighters dating from the colonial conquest, discovered in 2011 , by searching the archives, by an Algerian historian, Ali Farid Belkadi. July 5, 2020, during the 58e anniversary of independence, 24 of these skulls of “chouhadas”, or supposed such, returned by France were buried with great pomp in the El-Alia cemetery, in Algiers. And it doesn’t matter if many of them did not belong to “Algerian heroes” at all, including imprisoned thieves, and even, to add insult to injury, three Algerian infantrymen who had served in the army. French. Only the story matters.

Let’s say it straight to Rima Hassan: there is no point in trying the “genocide” card, it is not going to be easy to assert, even with a lot of rowing, in view of the Algerian demographic explosion which owes everything to colonial doctors. As for skulls and the respect due to the dead, let’s talk about it: as testified, in these columns, a few months ago, a representative of the Collective for the Protection of Oranie Cemeteries (who had just been refused a visa): the cemeteries around Oran are devastated. She saw again “her husband, distraught, in 2004, in the sailors’ cemetery of Mers el-Kébir, with a skull in his hands. He had just picked it up and didn’t know in which vault he should put it back. »

Should France give Algeria what it owes? The pole stretched by Rima Hassan is so beautiful, Internet users have lots of ideas: “We will rather give them back the illegal Algerians, on S files, criminals and long-term unemployed”retorts Marion Maréchal, head of the European Reconquest list, on

Anonymous people also ask if they can come and recover the 220 hospitals, 50,000 km of asphalt road, 18,000 km of railway, 63 ports, 196 airfields, hundreds of dams, bridges, power stations, thousands of schools, of dispensaries which were left behind by France when leaving, according to Bernard Lugan’s count… or, more modestly, the contents of the apartment – dishes, furniture… – even the apartment itself, left by such and such a grandparent forced to choose, 60 years ago, in disaster, between the suitcase and the coffin.

Catch-all colonial story and Swiss army knife

As for Laure Lavalette, spokesperson for the RN, she asks: “Rima Hassan emigrated to France at 9 years old. Educated for free at the Ecole de la République, she became French at 18 and a lawyer at 24. What if Rima Hassan wondered how to repay what she owes to France? »

It is precisely because Rima Hassan grew up in France that she knows its Achilles heels. At the “school of the Republic”, then at the university, both subject to the moral magisterium of the extreme left, she was nursed to repentance. She therefore hybridized the two fights in order to better acculturate the Palestinian cause in France, in an equivalence to the poorly cut odds around a catch-all colonial story and Swiss army knife. This is not the first time that she has mentioned Algeria: on May 8, the anniversary of the victory, she already declared: “What Israel is doing to Palestine is not very different from what France was doing to Algeria. » If, by chance, the Algerian community, so numerous in France, did not know why it had to support the Gazans, it is now clear. Rima Hassan is a powerful element of national destabilization that France has warmed in its bosom.

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