Angry pharmacists, murder of Alexandra Cosson, tackle of Le Pen: mid-day update

Angry pharmacists, murder of Alexandra Cosson, tackle of Le Pen: mid-day update
Angry pharmacists, murder of Alexandra Cosson, tackle of Le Pen: mid-day update

Murder of Alexandra Cosson in Moréac: the attorney general requires 20 years of criminal imprisonment

A sentence of 20 years of criminal imprisonment, with a security period of 15 years, was requested against Pierre Palot, accused of the murder of Alexandra Cosson, on the night of September 11 to 12, 2020, in Moréac ( 56). For more than an hour this Thursday morning, Elsa Casassa, general counsel, took up point by point the elements of the file, as well as those of the debates begun Tuesday afternoon. She insisted on the “seriousness” and “brutality” of the facts, while pointing out the “complex personality” of the accused. And to sweep away a possible alteration of discernment during the murder of Alexandra Cosson. “It is not a monster that you are going to judge, but a man. Justice must be done.”

Pharmacists on strike: a first in ten years

This is the first major pharmacists’ strike in ten years: this Thursday, many of them lowered their curtain to warn of drug shortages, pharmacy closures and a possible relaxation of online sales. And to demand an increase in pay. At the start of the day, the unions indicated that some 90% of pharmacies would keep their doors closed, or even 100% in several provincial towns, such as Ajaccio, Nice, Avignon, Mâcon or Roanne. For Brittany, we take stock here.

Western weapons against Russian bases: for Le Pen, “Macron wants France to enter the war”

At the microphone of -, Marine Le Pen accused Emmanuel Macron of wanting to “go straight into the war with Russia”, after the words of the head of state who wants to allow the use of Western weapons to “neutralize” Russian military bases. “This would be an additional step of investment in this conflict”, which “creates an absolutely staggering danger for the security of our compatriots (and) for the integrity of our territory”, declared the president of the RN group in the National Assembly, denouncing “mechanics of entry into world war”.

Palliative care: the National Assembly favors a multi-year programming law

During the examination of the bill on the end of life, the deputies voted, this Wednesday evening, in favor of a “programming law for palliative care”, against the advice of the government. If the Executive text concerning assisted dying also includes a section on palliative care, “it offers no guarantee of the effective provision of palliative care in our country”, assured MP LR Thibault Bazin, believing that “we must be able to commit to it”.

Egyptian president calls to prevent any displacement of Gazans “by force”

(Photo Tingshu Wang/EPA)

During the 10th China-Arab Cooperation Forum, Abdel Fattah al-Sissi called on the international community to prevent any displacement of Gazans “by force”. “I call on the international community to immediately provide long-term humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip, end the Israeli siege and cease all attempts to force Palestinians from their land,” the president said. Egyptian.




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