new price increase from June, an alarm specialist

For almost a month and a half, average fuel prices have been falling in France. This concerns both diesel and gasoline. Unfortunately for motorists, this may not last. Blame it on the increase in demand in a few weeks and the war in Ukraine.

Anne-Sophie Alsif, chief economist at BDO France (audit and accounting firm) actually delivers unpromising forecasts. According to what she details to TF1, “due to distributors who suffered a sharp increase in prices after the Ukrainian crisis, they could rebuild their margins this year and next year.”

The current reduction in prices may therefore not last in the long term. She thus evokes a “drop in prices” which is “not necessarily proportional to what we can see on the international market”.

Change coming at the end of June

In the short term too, the trend may not be interesting for motorists. Therefore, demand will increase from the end of June. This is because of vacation departures in France and Europe. As is often the case, this could have an effect on fuel prices. Enough to give a slight rebound to the amount to be paid at the pump.

Recall that diesel is currently at its lowest point of the current year. It stands at €1.6985/L on average in the country, according to data from the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

On the gasoline side, prices vary. The SP95 is priced at €1.8816/L. Its E10 version costs €1.8448/L. For SP98, the bill is much higher, at €1.9443/L. The fact remains that a few weeks ago, these prices were closer to €2/L. We bet they won’t go back there too quickly.

The evolution of fuel prices in 2024



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To sum up

According to a specialist, fuel prices could increase again soon. Blame it on the war in Ukraine and the increase in demand. Enough to put an end to almost a month and a half of reduction in prices.



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