AS VClub: who is Turhan Mildon, the Turkish investor who built Kinshasa and future owner of Vita? (Long format portrait)

AS VClub: who is Turhan Mildon, the Turkish investor who built Kinshasa and future owner of Vita? (Long format portrait)
AS VClub: who is Turhan Mildon, the Turkish investor who built Kinshasa and future owner of Vita? (Long format portrait)

In a few weeks, about four, the framework and structure of the AS VClub will undergo significant changes. The most remarkable will be the takeover of Turhan Mildon, a Turkish investor who holds the largest construction projects in Kinshasa at the moment, with his company Milvest, of which he is the CEO, and future shareholder. ” very “ majority of the club. Portrait of an heir to an empire, passionate about football, and expected to be the savior of Muscovites.

“We have made the Democratic Republic of Congo the center of our investments in Africa” declared Thuran Mildon, on the evening of the inauguration of the Kinshasa Financial Center, in the auditorium of the new Kinshasa Congress Center. The financial city opposite the Palace of Justice, in the Gombé district, was inaugurated with great fanfare, in the presence of Congolese President Félix Tshisekedi surrounded by his ministers and numerous international partners. But who is he?

Heir to a family multinational

Like his grandfather and his father before him, Turhan Mildon is a jack of all trades. Although Miller Holding, the company created in 1967 by the patriarch, Muhsin Turhan Mildon (who died in 2011), has continued to prosper and diversify since then, it was not until 2011 that it entered the African continent. An obvious fact, however, for the 26-year-old leader, who took over the management of the conglomerate chaired by his father, Mert, in 2016.

Claiming its status as “third generation”Turhan Mildon, described as “Turkish golden boy, slicked back hair and impeccable fitted suit” believes that it is its duty to include the conglomerate in globalization in general and in Africa in particular. “The world is not sufficiently aware of the cultural, social, natural and economic wealth of Africa”he writes in the catalog produced on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the consortium, in 2017. If he still communicates in English or with the support of interpreters, the young boss, described as“humble and personable” by his interlocutors, works to learn French.

Direct connection with Félix Tshisekedi’s circle

Turhan Mildon has gained the trust of the authorities since the successful construction of the Kinshasa Financial Center. With its surface area of ​​165,000 m2, its three ministerial buildings, its future convention center with a capacity of 3,000 people, its Marriott project (5 stars with 240 rooms) and its commercial areas, the financial center inaugurated on December 19 2023 by Félix Tshisekedi in any case gives a nice business card to the entrepreneur, less than two years after the registration of his subsidiary in the country and after only eighteen months of construction. All the more so, the manager is proud, as the project suffered legal challenges, the contract being the “very first EPC [la conception, l’ingénierie et la construction] in the DRC ». The operation of all of the site’s infrastructure should then enable the company to repay its investment, estimated at more than $300 million.

The renovation of the Kinshasa-N’Djili international airport project is one of the major files he manages. Turhan Mildon, who was entrusted with the project in May 2023, hoped to be able to start work in September, but he only received the green light from the Congolese security services at the end of March. He is now waiting for President Tshisekedi to launch the project, a step “imminent”it is believed in Kinshasa.

According to JA, Mr. Mildon has contacts with the close circle of the President of the Republic Félix Tshisekedi, including the former Minister of Finance Nicolas Kazadi. “It is possible not only to dream big for our country, but also and above all, to make it more beautiful and bigger through the strength of the spirit and through our collective investment at all levels, as evidenced by this building emerging from earth in a few months » declared Félix Tshisekedi on December 19, during the official inauguration ceremony of the Kinshasa Financial Center.

Passionate about football

In Kinshasa, Mr. Mildon no longer hides one of his greatest ambitions. He wants to make AS Vita “the richest club in Africa”, as he often repeats to the press. The construction of a 50,000-seat stadium and the creation of a training center feature in particular in its projects for the club with 30 million supporters. To combine words and actions, he has already launched the Vita Club transfer window with the arrival of two internationals, a Malian and a Guinean. As president of the club, he placed Amadou Diaby, one of his right-hand men.

A great football fan and already a shareholder of the Turkish club Trabzonspor, one of the four main teams in the Süper Lig in Turkey, Turhan Mildon signed in January, via its subsidiary Milsport, a partnership with AS Vita Club, of which he will officially be the shareholder ” very “ majority from July 1.

Without waiting for this deadline, the businessman has already contributed to improving the financial situation of the club, whose salaries now fall at the end of each month and where the bonuses of the players – who now travel by private plane – have been increased .

Who from Milvest?

The Milvest company is a subsidiary of the Turkish holding company Miller. They are behind major construction projects from Senegal before settling in the DRC. Milvest, through its subsidiary DM Holding, had won the double construction project of the national interest market (MIN) and the Diamniadio large aircraft station (Senegal), including storage facilities, cold rooms, sites packaging or even a truck parking center. “A $106 million project”detailed Turhan Mildon to Jeune Afrique, in May 2023. Since the Diamniadio MIN, Miller Holding has launched projects in Liberia, Guinea and Kenya, but it is in the DRC that the company is most present on the market. continent.

From the reconstruction of the new N’djili airport with a capacity of 8 million passengers, to the rehabilitation of the Kinshasa international fair (FIKIN), including the construction of the ARENA (a sports venue of With a capacity of 20,000 seats, located near the Stade des Martyrs), and by the cable car which should relieve congestion in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (with a daily capacity of 5,000 passengers), Milvest is one of all the infrastructural bets. Turhan Mildon prides itself on being “the largest manufacturer in the DRC”.

*information from Jeune Afrique, Forbes Afrique and Africanews was used in this article

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