“I believe that enemies are couples”

“I believe that enemies are couples”
“I believe that enemies are couples”

Yolande Zauberman loves the night and she often films it. At night, it is also the location of his new film, The Beauty of Gazawhich is released today in theaters after being screened in a special screening at Cannes and which immerses us in the daily lives of transgender women in Tel Aviv, most of them Palestinian women.

“I am obsessed with borders”

Yolande Zauberman is a filmmaker, we left her four years ago with M where a singer who grew up in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish environment recounted being raped by a rabbi as a child. The film won the César Award for Best Documentary and received great critical and public success. For around forty years, she has boldly and delicately filmed characters crossed by borders. She was already obsessed with boundaries with Classified People, which told the story of a mixed couple before the end of apartheid in South Africa, but it is really the Middle East that she likes to show the most. There have been Would you have sex with an Arab? where she asked Israelis if they could have sex with an Arab and now The Beauty of Gaza: “I am obsessed with borders and in the case of the Belle of Gaza, I went looking for a woman who carried all these borders in her body. And as I have dreamed since childhood of entering people’s bodies for a second to find out how they feel there, I went looking for this woman to find out how she felt, what she saw. in addition. »

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A film shot in Gaza before the war

The Beauty of Gaza is a hypnotic, surprisingly joyful and powerful film that was filmed before the October 7 attacks. This is the story of a woman that Yolande Zauberman saw one night in Tel Aviv on the set of M few years ago. The common thread of this new film is to find this woman who carries with her a legend. She would have fled Gaza on foot, which is not possible since it is a territory which is completely closed and hermetic. This film is a search at the start in these streets where the transsexuals are, to find the beauty of Gaza: “At the time, when I was filming, Gaza was a black hole that no one talked about and no one wanted to talk about. Today it is the center of the world and it has a different resonance. It is above all a film about the freedom of these women to become who they are. The other day, a young actress told me “Before, I thought that we will only be free when black women are free. Today, I say, we will only be free when trans women are free.” They are in front of us and have gone through so many challenges and at the same time, they are radiant with who they are. They are happy to have become women. »

My only limit is ethics

In The Beauty of Gaza, these women speak with their stomach, with their head and with their heart. To all these women, Yolande Zauberman asks them with a false innocence that characterizes her if we can talk about men, pleasure and orgasm. With her little voice, she asks them if we can cum when we have changed sex and they respond in a simple and natural way: “I often feel like I’m asking questions that a baby would ask if it had the floor. What interests me a lot is the basics of things we forget and never talk about. My only limit is ethics. I make films because there are things I would like to know. If I knew everything in advance, I wouldn’t make films. The film is an experience for me and possibly for the viewer. There is something happening and it’s true that I’m not afraid to ask questions. In fact, it’s stronger than me. »

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The street, an often obligatory passage for trans women

For many of these women, sex work is a necessary means of survival because most of them flee their families to Palestine where they risk being beheaded. They also confide very freely to the camera. They say that it was by becoming women that they understood the violence of men: “Unfortunately, whether there, here or anywhere in the world, trans women who have difficulty finding work are forced to take to the streets. It’s changing a little. As with Karla Sofía Gascón, this magnificent woman received the acting prize at Cannes this year for Audiard’s film. My dream is that after the film Beauty of Gaza, we will never again be able to look at a trans woman other than as a goddess, which is what they were in ancient times.. »

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