the profile of the twelve jurors of his trial

the profile of the twelve jurors of his trial
the profile of the twelve jurors of his trial

Former US President Donald Trump brandishes his left fist as he leaves court in Manhattan.Keystone

Here is the profile of some of the twelve New York jurors who have just begun deliberations in one of the most important trials in the United States, deciding the fate of their former president Donald Trump.

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Seven men and five women, working in the finance, law or IT sectors: this is a representative section of New York society which has been deliberating since Wednesday in the trial of Donald Trump for hidden payments to a actress. X-rated movies.

In March, Judge Juan Merchan ruled that the jurors’ names, as well as their business and home addresses, would be disclosed only to the parties, for their own protection. He was concerned about the “likelihood of corruption, jury manipulation, physical injury or harassment” in this trial, the first criminal trial for a former president of the United States.

THE “outspoken” of Trump

Despite the judge’s warnings during the first week of jury selection, identifying details were released:

  • THE Jury Presidentof Irish descent, works in sales and enjoys outdoor recreation;
  • Two others, also men, are lawyersmon employed by an international firmhiking and running enthusiast, the other specialized in civil lawbut who assured “knowing almost nothing about criminal law”;
  • A young computer engineer working at Disney had mentioned his concern about being able to attend his sister’s wedding in September.

“If we are still here in September, it would be a big problem”

Judge Juan Merchan had said, causing hilarity in the courtroom.

  • Another engineerfather of three young children, devotes his free time to carpentry and metallurgy;
  • A teacher has indicated appreciate the outspokenness of Donald Trump who “says what he thinks”. Confiding her lack of taste for information, she is the only one of the twelve jurors retained to have said they learned for the first time that he was being prosecuted in other criminal proceedings.
  • Another woman, who also says she doesn’t follow the news, criticized the accused for appearing “very selfish”and recognized a certain enmity towards him, without being challenged by the defense.


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