Ban fires in Sépaq parks? A message from a worried father

Ban fires in Sépaq parks? A message from a worried father
Ban fires in Sépaq parks? A message from a worried father

Daniel Vézina pointed out the number of campfires in Sépaq parks which he considers excessive.

In an interview with Noovo Info on Wednesday, the founder of the organization Families for Pure Air said he visited a Sépaq park with his three asthmatic children in 2022. And since their visit, their condition has deteriorated.

“It was a deterioration in the weeks, in the months, even in the year that followed,” he recalled. “It’s been dose increases for my youngest son, who is more severe in terms of asthma. It had more serious consequences on his health.

“Do we need 200 campfires to roast a few marshmallows? I think people could gather around a community campfire.”

-Daniel Vézina

Sépaq is currently conducting a survey in seven of its parks this summer, but it is impossible to know which ones are targeted, because we do not want to influence the data.

But in the eyes of Mr. Vézina, it is incomprehensible to see Sépaq, “which is not a public health organization,” investigating public health issues and issuing opinions.

“They are going to target only asthmatics to try to reduce the problem,” denounced the father. “But it’s not just asthmatics who are targeted by pollution problems. We are talking about people with chronic illnesses, heart or respiratory problems. We are also talking about children under 5 years old and the elderly.”

For his part, the president and CEO of Sépaq, Martin Soucy, affirmed that air quality is not the greatest concern of customers,

“But do we have to be good corporate citizens? The answer is yes,” he admitted.

The organization does not plan to ban campfires, but rather to set up fire-free loops, i.e. areas where campfires would be prohibited due to forest cover or humidity.

See Marika Simard’s report in the video.



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