Everest: a season marked by records and eight deaths

Everest: a season marked by records and eight deaths
Everest: a season marked by records and eight deaths

The Everest climbing season, marked by multiple records, but also by a toll of eight deaths, ended Wednesday in Nepal, announced the Ministry of Tourism and expedition organizers.

More than 600 climbers and guides reached the summit of Everest during this climbing season, from April to the end of May, said Rakesh Gurung of Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism. The exact figures still need to be verified.

The teams have packed up and the lane will now be closed. The season is oversaid Mr. Gurung.

The death toll of 8 is 10 fewer than in 2023, although climbers have reported real traffic jams at the summit.

Among the dead are two Mongolian climbers, a Kenyan, an Indian and a Nepalese. A British man and two Nepalese guides are missing and presumed dead.

Records were broken, notably by Nepalese mountaineer Phunjo Lama, who achieved the fastest ascent by a woman, in 14 hours 31 minutes.

Mountaineers usually take days to climb to the top of the world, peaking at 8,849 m above sea level.

Nepalese mountaineer and mountain guide Kami Rita Sherpa, 54, reached the summit of Everest for the 30th time, a world record.

He made his first ascent in 1994, exactly 30 years ago.

So many mountaineers make a name and fame for themselves by climbing our mountainsobserved Purnima Shrestha, also the holder of a women’s record after having climbed the summit three times in a single season.

It’s good that we Nepalis are setting records in our own motherlandshe emphasized.

Briton Kenton Cool climbed the summit for the 18th time, breaking the record for the number of ascents made by a climber not of Nepalese origin. Pole Piotr Jerzy Krzyzowski was the first to climb both Lhotse and Everest without oxygen.

There was a lot of success for everyone and it was a good seasonsaid mountain guide Tsering Pemba Sherpa, who reached the summit of Everest for the 11th time.

A dry winter has increased the risks with wider crevasses and the risk of rockfalls, he said.


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Mountaineers had to queue to reach the summit of Everest on May 21, 2024.

Photo: Instagram/malla.mountaineer

Mountaineers have shared images showing hundreds of people queuing in the final phase of the ascent, the death zonewhere lack of oxygen increases the risk of acute mountain sickness.

According to guide Vinayak Malla, the narrow weather windows allowing for ascent explain these traffic jams.

Mountaineers aim for the summit when the weather is good. This is what caused the rushhe noted.

In spring, when temperatures are mild and winds generally lower, hundreds of climbers flock to Nepal, which contains eight of the world’s 14 highest peaks.



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