Is The 8 Show a copy of Squid Game? Its creator responds

Is The 8 Show a copy of Squid Game? Its creator responds
Is The 8 Show a copy of Squid Game? Its creator responds

It’s a series that reminded people a lot of Squid Game, even before its release. The plot of Netflix’s new Korean series, The 8 Show, is about how cash-strapped people are trapped on a game show to win a large sum of money after accepting a mysterious invitation.

From what I understand, The 8 Show started development before Squid Game. When Squid Game became an explosive success, I wondered if I should not do it” said The 8 Show creator and director Han Jae-rim during an interview with the Korea Times.

The differences

Our series is different from Squid Game in terms of rules and conflicts. In Squid Game, someone else has to die so that I can live and the protagonist gets satisfaction from seeing others get eliminated. But in our work, no one must die and everyone must survive together, which is quite the opposite.

This eight-episode black comedy, broadcast since May 17, follows eight contestants taken to a mysterious eight-story building to participate in a very lucrative but dangerous show where they earn money as time goes by. flows. The series is based on the popular webtoon Money Game and its sequel Pie Game by Bae Jin-soo.

A touch of comedy

Han Jae-rim, who wrote the screenplay for the adaptation, wanted to renew the traditional formula of the survival genre…

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