here are the tobacco brands concerned

The price of packets of cigarettes has already increased considerably in recent years in France. In 2005, the average price of a pack of 20 cigarettes amounted to five euros. In 2023, it was established at more than 10 euros. And projections estimate that it could further increase to reach 14 euros by 2026.

Usually, it is mainly the various compulsory levies on cigarette packets that cause their price to become so high. By accumulating the excise duties and the VAT, more than 80% of what is paid for a package comes back into the pocket of the State. In 2024, further price increases will take place. But they have nothing to do with Taxation.

Cigarette producers will increase the price of the pack on June 1, 2024

A first increase in the price of a pack of cigarettes has already been decided at the start of 2024, due to a tax increase applicable to this product. On June 1, a new increase will be decided on several brands of cigarettes. In reality, it was the producers themselves who wanted to adjust the price and margin of their packages.

Not all brands are affected by this price increase. As for cigarette packets, it is especially Dunhill who decided on an increase. However, it is not significant, since it amounts to only a few cents. It is nevertheless one of the rare companies to have increased the price of some of its pack of 20 cigarettes.

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The pack of cigarettes is not the only tobacco industry product whose prices are increasing

This new increase in package prices shortly follows that which was decided last January. However, the increases only amount to a few cents. And most companies in the sector have not changed their prices. On the other hand, more notable price changes are expected for other similar products.

This is particularly the case for rolling tobacco. Pall Mall, Lucky Strike and Pueblo will indeed increase their prices. Each time it is their 30 gram packet of tobacco. And the increases will be much greater than for the pack of 20 cigarettes. The 30 gram packet of Pall Mall thus goes from €16.60 to €16.70. That of Lucky Strike increases by €16.70 to €16.80. As for Pueblo, his package will be sold for 17 euroscompared to 16.90 euros currently.

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Inflation does not spare cigarette packets

This new increase in package price shows how difficult it has become to obtain cigarettes in France. Despite these new increases, the package is expected to sell for even more in the years to come. The government plans to once again review its rising taxes on the tobacco sector.

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But beyond the taxes decided by the government, the price of tobacco also follows the general inflation which affects France. Moreover, cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco are not the only tobacco industry products whose prices are increasing at the moment. As of June 1, 2024, certain cigars And blunts will also be sold more expensively.



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