Firefighting: 20,000 firefighters mobilized

Firefighting: 20,000 firefighters mobilized
Firefighting: 20,000 firefighters mobilized

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The General Directorate of Civil Protection (DGPC) has put in place “a proactive plan” for preventing and fighting fires, by mobilizing 20,000 intervention agents and 505 units present in the forestry sector reinforced by 65 mobile columns, and this under the national strategy to fight against fires and against the dangers linked to the summer season.

In this context, the deputy director of operations at the DGPC, Lieutenant Colonel Karim Habi told the APS that as part of a proactive fire prevention and fight plan, a well-established security intervention system tied had been put in place in the event of fires breaking out in forests, agricultural crops and palm groves.

In addition to the mobilization of 505 units present in the forestry sector, as a first line of intervention, the system was reinforced with 65 mobile columns, at the rate of one column in each wilaya and between 2 to 3 columns in the wilayas which have dense forest cover, in addition to the mobilization of 20,000 intervention agents, to face any possible risk.

According to the same official, the DGPC “created 5 regional detachments to fight forest fires comprising 165 agents and supported by 45 heavy machines and extinguishing equipment, distributed across the wilayas of Sidi Bel-Abbés, Chlef, Blida, Sétif and El Tarf”, in addition to the mobilization of “the Civil Protection air unit and 12 chartered planes distributed over the airports of Annaba, Bejaïa and Mostaganem, in order to facilitate extinguishing operations “.

For the purposes of optimal preparation for fighting forest fires, adds the same speaker, this year, “a forest fire simulation exercise was carried out in two wilayas, with the aim of testing all the means allocated for this purpose, including mobile columns, means of communication between the operational command center, air assets used and communication between different air assets.”

In this context, Lieutenant-Colonel Karim Habi highlighted the importance of the National Coordination Center in taking “proactive” measures for the prevention of forest fires by “using digital platforms and strengthening coordination with the various actors, like the National Meteorological Office (ONM) and the Algerian Space Agency (ASAL) for fluid communication and rapid intervention.

As part of raising awareness of the dangers of forest fires and means of prevention, the deputy director of information and statistics at the General Directorate of Civil Protection, Nassim Bernaoui called for “organizing study days and awareness-raising on the new law for the protection of forests and the sanctions resulting from it.

Furthermore, the prevention campaigns carried out by Civil Protection also focused on “raising citizens’ awareness of the risks of prohibited swimming, in addition to traffic accidents, poisoning and scorpion stings”.

Mr. Bernaoui reported, in this context, “24 cases of deaths by drowning during the month of May, including 12 cases in bodies of water, hence the need for “raising awareness of the risks of swimming in these places” , he added.

He also recalled “the mobilization of 10,000 agents in anticipation of the 2024 summer season, including more than 8,000 seasonal agents in addition to professional agents and divers”.




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