Discovery of heritage: an enchanted day

Around twenty history and heritage enthusiasts gathered on Saturday May 25 in Maizières-sur-Amance on the square of the old water tower, which has now disappeared. This annual visit, established by the floral park is today guided by the La Maizoillote association, of which Anne Ducos de Lahaille is president, was marked by the presence of Nadine Mussot, mayor of the village and member of the association. Together, they conveyed to visitors the fascinating history of this small village perched on a hilltop.

The discovery began from the first steps, with a nod to the water tower. Then, a few meters away, the participants explored the first pond, one of three in the town, which once served as a watering trough for livestock. One of these basins now houses a fire reserve tank.

Very quickly, the walkers walked the streets of the village, discovering the numerous wells, whether communal or private. Maizières-sur-Amance still has 37 wells, most of them well preserved, with their characteristic stone cap. Village resident Maryse Sonois warmly welcomed visitors, sharing the story of her own well founded in 1776. She also presented a 300-year-old lime tree, whose circumference required four people to surround it, not forgetting the wash house still present in its garden, where visitors were able to immerse themselves in the past.

The excursion also allowed us to discover the history of an ancient underground passage, founded by a lord, of which only the exit door remains, the passage having collapsed. At the bend of a street, there are two old large cheese vats which bear witness to the existence of a cheese factory. Remaining there, they still sit in the middle of the lawn.

A short detour through the listed church, whose history dates back to the 12th centurye century, revealed the burial of a rich plowman. The church, with its wooden-tiled bell tower, is located near another wash house awaiting renovation.

Throughout the streets, the history of the village is closely linked to water, with its wash houses, reservoirs, wells and springs as well as the numerous old or recently planted lime trees testifying to the desire to preserve this heritage, the lime tree being the symbol of the continuity of life.

Finally, the excursion ended with a visit to the floral park, a delight for the eyes and nose. More than 1,500 varieties of plants mingle there in a perfect harmony of colors and paintings, offering an enchanting and relaxing place. Ms. Delandre, the garden host, welcomes visitors with smiles and good humor, happy to share her passion.

At 6 p.m., the end of the visit left visitors with images and stories in their heads, just in time to witness the passage of the Round of the Lingons.

  • An enchanting visit to the floral park.
  • A visit departure that is getting closer.
  • Discovery of the 1st pool.
  • Maryse Sonois (center) welcoming visitors.


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