Sordid murder in Pau: “He was a very good dad”, the touching testimony of the victim’s daughters

Sordid murder in Pau: “He was a very good dad”, the touching testimony of the victim’s daughters
Sordid murder in Pau: “He was a very good dad”, the touching testimony of the victim’s daughters

The day after the difficult clinical report from the pathologist, their testimony made it possible to put a face to this 65-year-old man, “massacred” on the night of October 12, 2020 at his home, rue Léon-Say, in Pau. Through their touching words, they brought a little humanity to this issue which lacks it.

The portrait they painted of their father, who passed through the Normal School and the conservatory, then forced to give up teaching following a serious motorcycle accident, is a far cry from the sordid facts judged since Monday.

“It was too inconceivable”

Without avoiding the alcohol problems into which Renaud Leprince gradually ended up slipping. “A diffuse blood alcohol level”, “in small doses”, which has never broken the emotional bond, assures the eldest.

It was following a redundancy that Renaud Leprince “started drinking a little too much, letting himself go” confides his ex-wife and mother of his children. The couple eventually separated. “A smart divorce” comments their daughter.

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For this woman as for her daughters, now aged 36 and 39, the announcement of her “very violent death” was a terrible “shock”.

The “second shock”, say the two sisters, was the autopsy report received by registered mail. “Horrible, unimaginable” breathes the youngest. “It was too inconceivable for my brain to accept it,” explains the eldest, “having been apnea for four years.”

“I was happy he found someone”

“The third shock,” she continues, “is the attitude of the accused.” She criticizes them for their lack of empathy.

“I was happy that he found someone” confides the eldest about Leïla Abaiji whom her father had introduced to him as his “friend”.

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But the accused “abused” the “kindness” of this man who lived on minimum social benefits and the financial support of his mother. Leïla even “dispossessed” him of his apartment for a time.

The girls found out later. “When he came back to live with grandma, he said it was because she needed him. In fact, he hid at her house for two years,” explains one. “I clearly understood that it was conflicting with Leila. But I had no idea of ​​the level of animosity.”

“He let himself be done because he was afraid”

They discovered the violence and humiliation that their father would have suffered later. “As long as he was in there, he hid it.” “He let himself be done because he was afraid of it” testifies a neighbor of Renaud Leprince. “It was his gigolo. She simply taxed his money” confirms a former “street” friend of Leïla. The accused strongly contests this.

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“He was a very good dad,” insists the youngest daughter of the victim, without hiding having distanced herself from adolescence due to his alcohol abuse. Having lived in Guyana since 2015, it was through her sister that she learned of the death of her father whom she had not been able to see again since the summer of 2019 due to Covid. “It was a total collapse.”

Today they fear never knowing the truth. “I would like them to admit what they did. But I already seem to understand that it will always be vague. It will be something more to bear…”.

“Know what started this thing”

“I hope they move forward, get out of this nightmare,” their mother says at the helm. “It’s important for us to know how we got here, what started this thing.”

“This story goes beyond me, it goes beyond all of us,” says Maxime Triboulet at the end of the day. He “wants to apologize” to the civil parties. “It’s not because I don’t let anything show that I don’t feel anything,” he assures. “I put myself in their place too.”

“It’s the devil personified” confides the ex-companion of the accused

It was his confidences that put investigators on the trail of the accused. But this key witness, who maintained a relationship with Leïla Abaiji at the time of the events, gave confused remarks, far from the expectations of the court. He no longer knows whether the son or the mother entrusted him with the crime. “I wasn’t sure if it was true or not. But everything I said, I couldn’t have made it up. That’s because they told me! » On the other hand, he is more categorical about the one who shared his life. “Three years of suffering and hardship” he says. “I was under her influence, she scared me” adds the one who accuses Leïla of having taken her mother’s inheritance, i.e. 79,000 euros. “It’s the devil personified!” She lied to me from the first day I knew her” charges this fragile witness, who was also convicted of domestic violence. Her words, however, echo the relationship described between the accused and the victim. “I think he was a little scared like me,” he said about Renaud Leprince.



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