Major work was carried out for Citizens’ Day

Citizens’ Day took place on Saturday May 25. More than thirty volunteers took part in the day’s work. The long list of tasks prepared for the occasion melted like snow in the sun: weeding as well as planting flowers at various locations in the village; mowing and beautification of the mini-golf course… A concrete slab was poured to accommodate the cardboard bins next year, another slab at La Pelletière to accommodate the barbecue. In the town hall barn, a major roof repair was carried out as well as the installation of a garage door. As for the girls, they tackled with great determination the dismantling of an old hut behind the community hall where the memorial garden will later be installed.

All this work took place in good spirits. Most of the volunteers are part of the Foyer rural or the DVD association of Dommarien and are used to working together. The Foyer rural offered coffee breaks and lunch and evening meals to the workers, which once again made it possible to make significant savings for the town and its residents.

The mayor, Patrice Parisel, warmly thanked the entire team and those who regularly give time to the town. Proof that citizenship and solidarity still exist in the village!

  • There are still a few stones left for the next release.
  • Roofers of the day.
  • The volunteers of the day took advantage of the sunny day.
  • Good gestures are to be remembered.


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