Fighting in Rafah, trial of Donald Trump, pharmacies on strike… The news of this Wednesday, May 29 – Libération

Fighting in Rafah, trial of Donald Trump, pharmacies on strike… The news of this Wednesday, May 29 – Libération
Fighting in Rafah, trial of Donald Trump, pharmacies on strike… The news of this Wednesday, May 29 – Libération

The editorial staff of “Libération” summarizes the main news of the day on Wednesday.

Every evening, the editorial staff of Libé selects the news of the day that should not be missed in France and the rest of the world.

Street fighting and strikes in Rafah, epicenter of the war in the Gaza Strip

Street fighting and bombings again shook Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, this Wednesday, the day after Israeli tanks entered the center of the city. At least 75 Palestinians have died in 24 hours in Israeli military operations, bringing the death toll to 36,171, mostly civilians, since the start of the war on October 7, according to the Health Ministry of the Palestinian Authority. Hamas.

Jury deliberates in Donald Trump’s historic criminal trial

After the final argument of the defense and the lengthy indictment of the prosecutors, delivered Tuesday May 28, the criminal trial of Donald Trump in New York enters its final chapter, with the necessarily indecipherable deliberations of the jury. For Released, ex-judge George Grasso deciphers the final lessons of six weeks of debates between prosecutors and the former president’s lawyers.

Isild Le Besco files a complaint for rape against Benoît Jacquot

A few weeks after the publication of Say true, the actress and director finally decided to file a rape complaint against the filmmaker. The legal procedure, which she fears, allows her above all to provide support to women victims of sexual violence. It is explained in Release.

90% of pharmacists will be on strike Thursday

Throughout France, most green crosses will remain off this Thursday, May 30. For the first time in ten years, at the call of their two representative unions, pharmacists will close the curtain in the middle of the week. Demonstrations are planned across France at the start of the day, before the banners join in a single Parisian procession in the afternoon. The reasons for their anger.

The Ile-de-France region is preparing to vote on a new subsidy for the Stanislas high school

Valérie Pécresse recommended that the region approve a new subsidy of nearly 400,000 euros for the establishment pinned down in January by a report on abuses and while the city of Paris suspended all funding.

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Use of Western weapons in Ukraine: Kyiv wants more freedom, allies divided

While Spain and Belgium have joined the countries signing bilateral treaties with Ukraine, Kyiv is pushing to obtain authorization to use Western weapons to strike deep into Russian territory, which the West has always refused. But the lines seem to be moving.

At Roland-Garros, players face the hatred of sports bettors: “We benefit and we suffer from the universalism of tennis”

Whether they lose or win, tennis players face waves of insults and threats online on a daily basis. At the Parisian Grand Slam, an application helps fight against this cyberharassment.

European elections and Russian interference: “We are constantly attacked, and it is not being paranoid to say so”

European Commissioner Věra Jourová discusses the Russian disinformation threats that weigh on the June elections, and the tools available to member states to deal with them.



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