have their prices fallen since the start of the year?

Citroën in 2025 with its ë-C3, future Renault Twingo but rather in 2026, Volkswagen with a potential ID.1 in 2027, etc., the manufacturers have not stopped for several months each in turn announcing the upcoming arrival in their range of a small zero-emission car under €20,000. This will make electric mobility accessible, if not to everyone, at least to a greater number.

2024 should already mark an important turning point with a first move down the range, with brands gradually increasing the number of models in the B segment, the one located just above the mini-city cars listed above. Citroën has opened orders for the first versions of its ë-C3, including one for under €25,000. Renault has decided for its part to favor the high-end versions of its new R5 E-Tech electric at launch… but depending on the version chosen, they cost the same price or even less than the late Zoé in its basic version. Please note, however, that the owners of the first city will not be delivered before this summer, those of the second before the end of the year. While waiting for their arrival, which should reshuffle the cards somewhat, the price of electric cars has unfortunately increased again at the start of the year according to data shared by AAA Data.

A more modest increase

For the sake of this study, the organization relied on the “list price excluding negotiation, excluding options and excluding bonus-malus”. Over the first months of the year, the average price – all engines combined – amounted to 35,601 euros, compared to 35,117 euros over the same period in 2023. Which represents a relatively reasonable increase of +1%. Reasonable, yes, but that’s on top of the 8% increase in 2022 and the 7% increase last year. In the end, it makes a nice addition.

Electrics did less well than the overall trend with an average price increasing by +2% and an average purchase value of €41,998. There is certainly worse, a plug-in hybrid vehicle cost French buyers €62,751 on average, +6% compared to January-March 2023. In addition, as noted by AAA Data, “the price gap is widening in favor of the former. The difference between the two amounts to 20,753 euros, “2,940 euros more than in the first quarter of 2023”. This can be explained by the fact that premium and luxury brands are the first to sell this technology.

Along the same lines, this may seem difficult to believe at first, but the price difference between electrics and diesels is to the advantage of the former. A diesel fuel model cost its owner €45,880 on average in the first half. Here too, we can find a simple answer. Diesel is less and less common, and concerns more large models intended for road use, aimed at large families, etc.

The gap is widening with other engines

With other thermal engines, however, the price gap is widening to the disadvantage of electric ones. Between a hybrid car and an electric car, there is a difference of €6,804 whereas there was “only” €6,045 over the same period in 2023.

Above all, between zero-emission models and gasoline cars which still represented the bulk of sales at the start of the year (33.4% market share, 148,693 registrations, compared to 80,171 sales for electric cars), the gap is of €14,813. In 2023, the difference between the two was much lower, although already very high: €13,028. According to AAA Data, there are still too few new products in the B segment (sedans and SUVs). There is no doubt that 2025 should be a better year.

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To sum up

With the increase in supply and in particular the gradual move down the range, one could imagine that the price gap between electric and thermal vehicles would at some point narrow. Is that the case ?



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