the victim’s daughters want to “know who and why”

the victim’s daughters want to “know who and why”
the victim’s daughters want to “know who and why”

The Pyrénées-Atlantiques Assize Court was able to put a face to the name of Renaud Leprince, Wednesday May 29 in the morning. Laughing eyes, a light beard that hides a smile. Another photo shows him in the company of his two daughters and sons-in-law, more frail than the rest of his family. After the clinical description of the thirty stab wounds and extreme suffering endured by this 66-year-old from Palois in October 2020, this third day of the trial restored humanity to the victim.

Under the eyes of the two main accused, Leïla Abaiji and her son Sofiane Triboulet, tried for murder with acts of torture and barbarism, the portrait of a “loving father” was drawn up by his two daughters. In shared custody after their parents’ divorce, they grew up surrounded by affection. The former nuclear employee, who was the victim of a serious motorcycle accident in 1974 and who also suffered from a drinking addiction, is described as a cultured, generous, almost naive, never aggressive man. “Vulnerable, puny and malleable,” adds the personality investigator.

Memories come back to his daughters, like these little magazines that he bought despite modest means to please them. Or the birth of one of the grandchildren, the day before his birthday: “It’s my greatest gift,” he rejoiced to his daughter. He only saw this little boy once, his younger daughter living in Guyana.

“Total collapse”

Both had only a glimpse of Renaud Leprince’s life, the latter preferring to get news rather than give it. Generally speaking, the man spoke little to his friends and family.

However, the girls knew that Leïla Abaiji and her son Sofiane Triboulet lived in her apartment on rue Léon-Say, in Pau. A few months before the events, the eldest began to realize that the accused was asking a lot of money from her father and even her grandmother. “I clearly understood that it was conflicting with Leila. But I had no idea the level of animosity. I learned it at the trial. »

The victim’s relatives were shocked by the attitude of the main accused who did not show much compassion for the victim, too busy blaming themselves for the murder. It was only the last of the “shocks” felt. The announcement of the “very violent death” of Renaud Leprince shattered their daily lives. The fateful phone call caused “a total collapse” in the youngest.

The brutality of the recommended

The second shock wave lies in a registered letter, delivered without particular mention, and which contains the sordid autopsy results. “He ingested live glass. I thought they were razor blades,” the eldest daughter recalled. It is most likely the neon light from the bathroom, of which only the base of the bulb was found. “I opened this mail and read horrible and unimaginable things,” says the other.

Renaud Leprince’s relatives did not want to listen to the ordeal unfolded by the forensic doctor. But they attended the rest of the trial which began on Monday May 27. Personality of the accused with the difficult and uncontrolled childhood of Sofiane Triboulet, the addictions of Leïla Abaiji, first interrogation on the facts… They discovered a lot of elements at the hearing. “On the third day of the trial, I already can’t take it anymore. I need things to move forward, but I have the impression that it will always be vague,” says the youngest in her thirties.

“Who did it”

No motive clearly emerges. The court still knows almost nothing about the last moments of Renaud Leprince. The two main accused are content to accuse each other of the murder and acts of torture. In this “coarse love” which has united mother and son for many years, we are at the stage of “the war to attack the other and discard ourselves”, explains the expert psychiatrist, Doctor Della.

Thus leaving the victim in the background, which has the gift of annoying girls. “What we’re waiting for is to know who did it. I have the impression that my father’s death fueled their intense love. It’s not someone who fell down the stairs. His head was split open, his skull smashed… I want to know who and why,” says the eldest.

“Let them have a little courage,” urges the second. Let them tell the truth. Let them think of “Monsieur Leprince”, as they say, who was always there for them, who housed them and filled the fridge. »


As a couple for some, friends for others… The relationship between the accused Leïla Abaiji and the victim Renaud Leprince was perceived differently. For the daughters of the deceased, the two formed a couple. For other acquaintances in her entourage, the accused harbored voluntary ambiguity to better benefit from the sixty-year-old’s money.
“For her, he was a gigolo,” says a former friend who is now at odds with the accused. “It was I who showered him, cut his beard and hair and washed him,” retorts Leïla Abaiji, who assures that he is only a “friend”.



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