a cancer prevention day on Sunday at the public garden

a cancer prevention day on Sunday at the public garden
a cancer prevention day on Sunday at the public garden

A treasure hunt, called “Screening Games”, to raise awareness about cancer screening. Intended for individuals wishing to take stock of their health and exposure to risks, this fun activity is part of a prevention day organized this Sunday at the Oloron public garden (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and which mobilizes a large number of local health stakeholders (1).

For all generations

Open and accessible to all, the initiative targets all profiles (adult, child, family), with the ambition of making screening less dramatic.

To do this, the organizers have set up a treasure hunt where each participant or group of participants receives a road map. At the end of each workshop, a question is asked, and if the correct answer is given, the candidate will receive a letter. He will have to recompose a mystery word that he can check at the League Against Cancer stand.

In addition, stands will be set up near the kiosk, numerous, varied and in the same fun and educational vein on good practices in the face of risk factors. We will thus find “Moove your health”, with a physical activity wheel and a giant goose game. “Tobacco, being able to stop” will invite a lung capacity test and a speech freedom workshop. “A woman’s life, let’s find cancer” will offer a self-examination of the bust. “Nourish your health” will be illustrated by a smoothie bike and healthy recipes. “Stop preconceived ideas” will include an astonishing exhibition on screening. “Test your dependence” has imagined a journey of feeling drunk or taking drugs and a tasting of mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails). “Sun, good reflexes” will be the occasion for a giant search and find and a quiz. “Screen and you” will help you make a mammogram appointment in Oloron. “You’re capable” will be the place for a quiz and discussions on Adapted Physical Activity (APA).

Finally, “Living with Cancer” will present supportive care (psychology, socio-aesthetics, reflexology).

Come with your Vitale card

Please note that it will be useful to bring your Vitale card, which will allow the CPAM to tell you if you are up to date with your screening and when you will need to (re)do it.

Anne Saouter, vice-president of the Piedmont-oloronais intercommunality, responsible for health, welcomes this action: “Many partners will be present, it will be very rich in diversity with many themes which will be addressed. We are delighted to see this dynamic being recreated in the region in terms of prevention.” The elected official does not fail to point out that the community of municipalities carries a local health contract (CLS), which implements numerous actions during the year.

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