Kings World Cup: origins, spectacular rules, arrival in France… What is this new kind of concept created by Gérard Piqué

Kings World Cup: origins, spectacular rules, arrival in France… What is this new kind of concept created by Gérard Piqué
Kings World Cup: origins, spectacular rules, arrival in France… What is this new kind of concept created by Gérard Piqué

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The World Cup for this atypical discipline will take place in Mexico from May 26 to June 8, 2024 with world stars like Samir Nasri and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. France plays its second match of the competition this Wednesday, May 29.


The Kings League is a seven-a-side football competition created by former FC Barcelona central defender Gérard Piqué in 2022. This competition targets a very young audience who consume sport on streaming platforms and who, according to Piqué, are fed up with it traditional eleven-player football.

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First created in a championship format with franchises notably in Spain and the United States, the Kings League now has a World Cup which is held from May 26 to June 8, 2024 in Mexico. 32 teams representing 18 nations compete. The French team is chaired by streamer AmineMaTue. The “Foot2rue” team includes recognized players like Samir Nasri and Jérémy Menez. Toulouse’s Théo Chendri is also there.

The final winner gets one million dollars.

Broadcast on Twitch

One of the particularities of this Kings World Cup is its television broadcast. Always in this spirit of pleasing the youngest, the competition is broadcast on the Twitch streaming platform. Sensing the right move, M6 broadcasts the World Cup on its M6 + platform.

?? All the French goals #Foot2Street against the team #PIOFC ⚡️⚡️#KingsWorldCup

— Foot2Rue Ultras ?? (@Foot2RueUltras)

Nearly 500,000 people attended the first match of the French team against one of the many Spanish teams in the competition on AmineMaTue’s Twitch.


The Kings League contains a multitude of improbable rules put in place to promote spectacle. A match lasts 40 minutes divided into two halves of 20 minutes each. The teams are made up of seven players and this in a progressive manner, that is to say that the match begins in 1 vs 1 and every minute a new player enters the field.

The sanctions are almost similar to the rules of football with the existence of two cards, a yellow and a red. The only difference is that the yellow card excludes the player for two minutes.

Amine who rushes to take the president’s penalty…?

It ends in the stands! ?

— Ilan Merhaba ✍? (@ilanmerhaba)

Then the other rules reveal more about the world of streaming than sports. Teams are entitled to “jokers” that can be used once per match. “The president’s penalty” can thus be used by the team and, as its name suggests, allows its president to take a penalty.

The best “joker” remains the use of the “Golden Card” which advantages or handicaps one of the teams. For example, players can designate a star player whose goals will be counted twice.

A huge die is also thrown two minutes from the end of the match to determine the number of players who will finish the match. If the die shows the number two then two players from the team remain on the field.

Future in France

Gérard Piqué announced this Tuesday, May 28 on his Twitch channel: the Kings League will arrive in France in 2025. “We will launch the Kings League in France from January 2025, with other streamers who will be the owners of their teams ” launched the new Spanish businessman.

“I think that the Kings League will grow a lot. The younger generations are into streaming, it’s a format that appeals to them. People will surely want to play it more and more,” says Toulouse resident Théo Chendri, present in Mexico for the Kings World Cup and former player from the FC Barcelona training center.

Many cities have already applied to create their franchise in this new atypical championship which risks making noise in French sport. Among them, Marseille, Lyon and Paris according to information from Le Parisien.



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