Where to see the Olympic Flame which will pass this Thursday, May 30 in Honfleur?

Where to see the Olympic Flame which will pass this Thursday, May 30 in Honfleur?
Where to see the Olympic Flame which will pass this Thursday, May 30 in Honfleur?


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May 29, 2024 at 4:49 p.m.

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On Thursday May 30, 2024, this famous Olympic flame will be in Honfleur for a few minutes. In the Calvados department, Honfleur can thus be proud of having been chosen, for the second time in its history*, as a torch relay, with eight other towns: Omaha Beach, Lisieux, Cabourg, Dives-sur-Mer, Houlgate, Bayeux, Falaise and Caen.

A defined and secure route

The route, with a length of 1,100 m, will be as follows: departure from the hospital lighthouse at 12:30 p.m.then boulevard Charles V, quai des Passagers, rue des Logettes, rue du Dauphin, quai Montpensier, quai Saint-Etienne, square of the Hôtel-de-Ville, quai de la Quarantaine, square of the Lieutenance and arrival on the upper terrace of the Lieutenancy at 12:55 p.m..

Four individual torchbearers must participate in this event, including Svetlana Mintova-Lazarovadirector of research at the CNRS and catalysis and spectrochemistry laboratory in Caen, residing in Honfleur, but also three other residents of the city: Sophie Desbarrières, Xavier Schibi and Junior Bosila Banya.

The planned convoy, said Agilewill be made up of the precursors who will open the way, the guardians of the flame and therefore the flame bearers.

Schools will provide entertainment

Labeled Land of Games for three years, the City of Honfleur shows its commitment to the adventure of the Olympic Games, both during the Olympic week organized for schools (mini-Olympics), and on D-Day, by offering several activities for children and a torch route close to everyone, in the heart of the city center.

  • So, at 11 o’clock, representation by schoolchildren of circles in Olympic colors, on the square in front of the town hall.
  • Then at 11:30 a.m., animation The Dance of the Olympic Games, in two groups, on the square (or Place Arthur-Boudin).
  • At 12, children’s installation and picnic on the town hall square, while waiting for the flame to pass. Two musical performances will accompany the students and the passing of the torch.
  • From 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.musical entertainment for the Orchestra class at the Alphonse-Allais college school in the departure area at the foot of the lighthouse.
  • And from 12:35 p.m. to 12:50 p.m.musical entertainment for the Orchestra class at the Bouloir school, in the arrival area, in front of the Lieutenancy.

Traffic and parking side

Several roads in the city will be closed to traffic for the duration of the event, this Thursday, May 30. There traffic will be prohibited not only in the streets of the route from 11:45 a.m., but also in the following: rue du Trou Miard, rue du Puits (from the intersection with rue des Capucins to place Sainte-Catherine), rue de la Foulerie (part between rue du Dauphin and intersection with rue des Prés), rue de la République (part between rue desprès and rue du Dauphin), quai de la Tour (towards quai de la Quarantaine), place Hamelin, rue Haute, rue de l’Homme -de-Bois (from Place Hamelin), rue des Lingots. Diversions will be put in place by the municipal technical center.

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Furthermore, the parking is prohibited from this Wednesday, May 29, 2024 at the following locations: tennis parking lot, boulevard Charles V and the side aisles, Sainte-Catherine parking lot (in the spaces located at the entrance, before the templates), rue des Logettes, south square from Sainte-Catherine church, place Berthelot, rue de la République (from rue desprès to rue du Dauphin) and quai Montpensier.

Where to see the flame on the course?

Please note that pedestrians will be able to move freely on the sidewalks along the route. But from 11:45 a.m., as soon as traffic on the route is cut off, it will be strictly prohibits any unauthorized person from traveling on it, whether on foot or by any other means of transport.

At the same time, and for security reasons, theimmediate access to the surroundings of the old basin will be strictly prohibited to any unauthorized person on May 30, from 9 a.m. The same will apply on Quai Saint-Etienne, near the Lieutenancy and in front of the town hall.

* The flame passed through Honfleur on December 27, 1991 for the Winter Games in Albertville

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