death of a 16 month old baby, forgotten in a car in direct sunlight

death of a 16 month old baby, forgotten in a car in direct sunlight
death of a 16 month old baby, forgotten in a car in direct sunlight

This Tuesday, May 28, a 16-month-old baby was found dead after being forgotten by his father on the seat of a car in direct sunlight.

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During periods of extreme heat, numerous manslaughters occur when leaving animals or small children alone in a car in a parking lot in direct sunlight. Dehydrated, the living being left to its own devices and abandoned dies in the heat. This Tuesday, May 28, 2024, a 16-month-old baby suffered the same fate after being forgotten in a car parked in full sun in Alsace according to newspaper information 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the intervention of the firefighters could not save the child.

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16-month-old baby dies after being left in direct sunlight

This tragedy occurred Tuesday afternoon in Sausheim, in Haut-Rhin. Baby aged just 16 months dies after being left in parked car in full sun in Alsacereported the Mulhouse prosecutor’s office and firefighters to the newspaper 20 minutes Wednesday.

While the father had to drop his little boy off at daycare, before working in a company in Sausheim (Haut-Rhin), the latter forgot it in the back seat of his vehicleparked in the company parking lot.

According to our colleagues, when the baby’s mother went to the nursery at the end of the afternoon to pick up the child, she learned to her shock that he was not there. Although she immediately alerted her partner, it was already too late. On Tuesday afternoon, the temperature reached 22 degrees and could rise up to 47 degrees in the passenger compartment of a car in Alsace.

A real psychological shock for parents

On site, firefighters and the SMUR (Mobile Emergency and Resuscitation Service) doctor confirmed the death of the baby. The 61-year-old father and the 46-year-old mother were both cared for by a psychological cell. However, the father was hospitalized in a state of shock as reported in the daily.

“The public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation to determine the causes of death. For the moment, the parents in a state of shock have not been heard. They will be heard later”declared the public prosecutor of Mulhouse, Edwige Roux-Morizot, specifying thatan autopsy will be carried out in Strasbourg. For the moment, the investigation has been entrusted to the research brigade of the Mulhouse gendarmerie company.

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