“It’s going to be nine months since our daughters were taken hostage…Nine months. We are preparing for everything”

“My daughter, I know you are strong, I saw it even more in that horrible video of October 7, keep going, keep believing. It will happen, you will be freed”: the mothers of five young women taken hostage by Hamas in their base in southern Israel this black Saturday in October decided to speak together in the media.

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The mothers of Naama, Karina, Liri, Daniela, Hamas hostagesi24NEWS

They denounce the inaction, if not the indifference, of the politicians whom they wanted to awaken by accepting the broadcast of the very difficult film of their kidnapping. The Israeli Minister of Finance, Betsalel Smotrich, said he refused to see him “so that he could sleep at night”… “We can’t imagine this kind of sentence coming from anyone, let alone a minister,” explains the mother. by Daniella. “At the beginning, we were polite with the members of the government, respectful, but it’s over. We have to fight if we want to see our children again, we have to wake them up.”


They tell why they agreed to broadcast this terrifying video in which we see their children bleeding, tied up, on October 7, 2023 when Hamas terrorists entered Israel to kill and kidnap 250 people. Daniela, Naama, Liri, Karina… Some of these mothers admit to not having been able to see the images. “I discovered the photos of my daughter on the front page of Daily Mail a few months ago… His face was covered in blood, with a white sheet around his neck. But it was especially his look that I saw, and that I couldn’t take my eyes off, I couldn’t… So I decided not to watch this video…”, explains Karina’s mother, the one of the young women.

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In the film, taken from the terrorists’ GoPro, we hear young Naama Levy, who became infamous for having been photographed tied up in the Hamas jeep with the back of her pants covered in blood, telling the terrorists to “have Palestinian friends”: ” We see her up close in these images… And she tells them what she thinks she needs to say to save her life… She is fighting… I am proud of her!”, says her mother, moved. “My daughter, hold on, I feel like this time it’s going to happen.”



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