Rafah: It is urgent that the Security Council adopts a new (…)

Rafah: It is urgent that the Security Council adopts a new (…)
Rafah: It is urgent that the Security Council adopts a new (…)

Good morning,

As you know, the Security Council will hold an emergency session at 3:30 p.m. to discuss the latest developments in Rafah and Gaza.

I think this meeting is necessary and timely. France insisted very much that this exchange took place.

I will address three points today.

First of all, as President Macron recalled yesterday, there must be an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and the unconditional release of the hostages. There is no safe zone for Palestinian civilians in Rafah.

President Emmanuel Macron expressed his indignation at the Israeli strikes which caused numerous victims among the displaced people in Rafah yesterday. Another strike on a camp also killed civilians this morning. These Israeli operations must cease immediately, as requested by the International Court of Justice. At the same time, we also call on Palestinian armed groups to stop their rocket attacks on Israel.

My second point concerns the humanitarian situation: aid must enter Rafah massively, through as many crossing points as possible. The needs are immense and the UN has clearly warned us of the access difficulties it faces. The distribution of aid by land must be the priority, even if the operationalization of the maritime corridor is good news.

Finally, the Security Council must fulfill its mandate and act now. It must allow the UN to fully play its role in the Gaza Strip, in order to cover the immediate needs of the population. It must also allow the Palestinians to govern the Gaza Strip which will be an integral part of their state. Otherwise, we will continue to go from one crisis to another. France will remain committed to building a state for the Palestinians and establishing security guarantees for Israel.

It is high time for this Council to act and adopt a new resolution.

Thank you.



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