“It’s the lion scythe, but it’s not new”

“It’s the lion scythe, but it’s not new”
“It’s the lion scythe, but it’s not new”

Do the Palestinian flag brandished Tuesday in the Assembly and the invectives between LFI deputy David Guriaud and related LR Meyer Habib demonstrate a “bordelization” of the hemicycle since 2022? According to Arnaud Benedetti, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Politique et Parlementaire”, these “incidents of this type are not new” and have been “sometimes much more violent”.

In the corridors of the Assembly this Tuesday, shortly after the incident of the Palestinian flag brandished in the hemicycle, the tumult continued as far as the Salle des Quatre-Colonnes, a meeting point between elected officials and journalists, where the related deputy LR Meyer Habib and the LFI deputy David Guiraud exchanged invectives.

“Who are you talking to? We didn’t raise pigs together,” said the first. The second retorted: “You’re the pig, you’re bathing in the mud of genocide.” “This gentleman is a pig, he shames France,” David Guiraud then said. “You scum,” replied Meyer Habib.

150 sanctions since 2022

Since the start of this legislature in June 2022, incidents have never been so numerous. At the end of last year, nearly 150 sanctions had been imposed against MPs, compared to only six between 2012 and 2017 and sixteen between 2017 and 2022.

“They are disrespectful of their position, of their colleagues and of parliamentary democracy,” Thierry Moreau tackled this Wednesday on RMC in Estelle Midi. “They adapt to today’s political communication. It’s to create buzz and openness in the newspapers,” he said.

“Scythe to the lions”

“The hemicycle is the lion’s scythe. This is not new. The history of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Republic is punctuated with clashes and incidents of this type, sometimes much more violent than what we experienced yesterday”, however, put Arnaud Benedetti, author of How politicians died. The great malaise of power and editor-in-chief of the journal “Politique et Parlementaire”.

“We fought in 1956 in the Assembly. When the Poujadists and Jean-Marie Le Pen were elected, there were punches,” he recalled.

“The difference today is the amplification box of social networks and the media ecosystem, which gives even more prominence to this type of behavior. This is what makes the difference with past parliamentary history “, according to him.

“The Assembly is a reflection of all the conflicts in French society, which expresses itself without a net, without a filter. This should not be the case but it is the reality,” believes Arnaud Benedetti.

So, has France Insoumise really messed up the Assembly since 2022? “LFI’s political strategy, since the beginning, has been to pull ever harder to try to shake up the system. It is in a strategy, if not pre-insurgency, but of permanent destabilization of institutions through its comments and provocations” , analyzed Arnaud Benedetti.

“The idea is to make the Fifth impracticable and then arrive at the Sixth. It’s a real strategy. The usual ways of getting what we want don’t work, so we use force, that’s assumed,” added Thierry Moreau.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict “instrumentalized” by LFI, according to Benedetti

Arnaud Benedetti also affirmed that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was “exploited for electoral purposes” by the rebels. “Behind this gesture (of brandishing the Palestinian flag, Editor’s note), there is a desire to flirt with a certain political clientele in view of the European elections.”

“Opinion studies have tested the important issues for the French. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is certainly not the priority of our compatriots”, according to the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Politique et Parlementaire”.

Other notable incidents since 2022

Other examples among others had attracted media attention and sparked indignation. In November 2022 in particular, when RN deputy Grégoire de Fournas launches “Let him return to Africa” after a speech by LFI elected official Carlos Martens Bilongo on the subject of illegal immigration.

A few months later, during the pension reform debate, in April 2023, around ten LFI deputies held up “64 years old is no” signs while singing the Marseillaise in the middle of the hemicycle.

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