Ange-Marie Gaffory before the judges, suspected of preparing a murder

Ange-Marie Gaffory before the judges, suspected of preparing a murder
Ange-Marie Gaffory before the judges, suspected of preparing a murder

Ange-Marie Gaffory, Fabio Demurtas, Youssef Attarbaoui, Kamal Bakkali appear this Wednesday, May 29 for their highly contested participation in a criminal association, in reality preparatory acts, according to the prosecution, with a view to intentional homicide. This criminal association case would be part of the context of a strong opposition between Guy Orsoni’s clan and that of the “Petit Bar”.

Ange-Marie Gaffory and Kamal Bakkali, both detained for other reasons, sat down in the defendant’s box an hour late. After three referrals, the trial for criminal conspiracy to prepare a murder against Christophe Scipilliti finally opened before the 7th chamber of the Marseille criminal court.

“If the accused firmly refuted that the recovery of stolen vehicles was used to prepare any criminal project, it must be noted that it clearly appears to testify to the assembly of logistical means with a view to the preparation of violent action”writes the investigating judge in her order for referral to the Criminal Court.

During the first months of 2019, as part of an investigation into drug trafficking, judicial police investigators suspected Ange-Marie Gaffory, and Fabio Demurtas, presented as “affiliates” of the Petit Bar Gang, of preparing a assassination attempt against Christophe Scipilliti, close to Guy Orsoni.

During physical and technical surveillance, geolocation beacon, telephone tapping, the police realized that motorcycles and cars were stored in a box on avenue Noël-Franchini in Ajaccio.

They also observe frequent stops in the Binda district, in front of a bar belonging to Christophe Scipilliti.

When questioned, the latter also mentioned fears for his life to the police. He would have noticed suspicious movements in front of his establishment.

Ange-Marie Gaffory admits to having stored vehicles whose origin was doubtful, perhaps “fell from the truck”. “He admits to having kept these motorcycles and cars without really knowing where they came from for the purposes of his activity as a vehicle seller”declare Masters Charlotte Cesari and Jean-François Casalta. “He fiercely denies any involvement in a criminal project”add the lawyers.

“Fabio Demurtas contests any participation in these facts”declares for his part Me Antoine Vinier-Orsetti, lawyer for Fabio de Murtas.

The trial is expected to last two days.



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