Death of Naomi Musenga: the Samu operator referred to court

Death of Naomi Musenga: the Samu operator referred to court
Death of Naomi Musenga: the Samu operator referred to court

The affair aroused strong indignation. The Strasbourg Samu operator who mocked Naomi Musenga on the phone at the end of 2017, a 22-year-old woman who died a few hours later in hospital, will be judged for “failure to assist a person in danger”, a “relief” for the victim’s family after almost six years of proceedings.

The operator will be judged “for having voluntarily refrained from coming to the aid of Mrs. Musenga,” explained the prosecution. The investigating judge also decided to dismiss the charges of manslaughter.

Mother of an 18-month-old child, Naomi Musenga died on December 29, 2017 at Strasbourg hospital (Bas-Rhin) after being treated with “an overall delay of almost 2 hours 20 minutes”, according to a report from the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (Igas).

According to the scientific expertise carried out as part of the investigation and cited by the prosecution, there is “no causal link” between the negligence in the care of the young woman by the operator and the death of this woman. last. Naomi Musenga was “already beyond any therapeutic resource at the time of the call” to the Samu according to the experts, specifies the prosecution.

“Chain of Responsibility”

The operator is accused of “not having respected the protocols” of care “and good practices” of the Samu. The trial will be held on July 4 at the Strasbourg judicial court.

“We are relieved that there is a date, that there is a possible conviction,” reacted Louange Musenga, the victim’s sister. “We’re waiting for this, because we need to move on. For several years, I haven’t had a decent life, I only thought about that all the time. »

Louange Musenga, however, regretted that the operator was the only person to be referred to court. “There is a whole chain of responsibility that has not been highlighted,” she said. “You can look at the Igas report, it really highlights the serious dysfunctions that there were at the hospital level. »

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Lawyer for the operator, Olivier Grimaldi also regretted that no proceedings were pursued. “Given the psychological state of this lady, we can only be surprised that she is the only person accused in this case,” he reacted. “In a hospital, there is a chain of responsibility. Many should have faced their responsibilities, not left a category C agent alone in the face of the events that took place. » During the trial, “we will try to explain that non-assistance is not characterized”, he added.

Battle of expertise

After the death of Naomi Musenga, an initial assessment, denounced by her family, concluded that she had died as a result of “paracetamol poisoning absorbed by self-medication over several days”. But a second expert opinion refuted these conclusions, citing a digestive vascular accident which led to hemorrhage. The family’s lawyer, Jean-Christophe Coubris, indicated in January that he had requested a third expertise, which was refused.

The death of Naomi Musenga sparked a wave of national indignation after the broadcast, a few months later in the media and on social networks, of her exchanges with the operator. “My stomach hurts a lot”, “I’m going to die…”, Naomi whispered, struggling to express herself. “Yes you will die, certainly one day like everyone else,” retorted the regulator, who was suspended and no longer works at the CHU, according to Jean-Christophe Coubris.

Naomi had spoken successively to the police, the firefighters and the Samu before being redirected to SOS Médecins.

The affair pushed the head of the Strasbourg Samu to resign. The Minister of Health at the time, Agnès Buzyn, had set up specific compulsory one-year training for medical regulation assistants.



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