trial adjourned, parties hope for agreement

trial adjourned, parties hope for agreement
trial adjourned, parties hope for agreement

The trial of Janson Bryan Baker, accused of opening fire on a Riverview High School teacher, was adjourned shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The Crown and defense said they wanted to spend most of the day working on a document that could “significantly shorten” the total length of the trial.

“It should save us three weeks,” argued Alex Pate, Mr. Baker’s lawyer.

“We are optimistic and believe that we will reach an agreement,” said Crown lawyer Malika Levesque.

The day before, Mr Pate had said he had learned of new information the previous Friday and had spoken of “substantial admissions”. He was sparing with details, but still suggested that it would be a question of the state of intoxication of the accused at the time of the acts with which he is accused. He indicated that he wanted to seek the expertise of a forensic psychiatrist in the context of the trial, although he admitted that he could not meet the 30-day deadline required to inform the Crown.

“I’m a little in the dark, but I know where you’re going,” Judge Richard Petrie said. This will – I rephrase – considerably reduce the number of witnesses needed. Is this characterization fair?

“If we can reach an agreement,” confirmed Me Levesque. I don’t see why we can’t do it.”

She added that this avenue could lead to all witnesses being heard by the end of the week, although she admitted that this forecast is rather optimistic.

Before leaving the room, Me Levesque also requested a warrant to summon a witness who had not appeared on Monday, despite having sent a notice of summons, a sworn declaration and a verbal reminder.


Several exhibits were presented before the adjournment, passed around in front of Janson Baker, who watched them.

The judge took note of the accused’s sneakers, a sports bag, a 12-gauge hunting rifle, ammunition, used cartridges and pellets.

Mr. Baker is accused of attempting to rob two teachers at a high school in Riverview in 2021 using a prohibited weapon for which he did not have a license, namely a caliber shotgun. 12 sawn barrel.

According to testimonies from the alleged victims, Chris Leger and Joshua Hebb, who appeared in the Court of King’s Bench on Monday, Mr. Baker allegedly addressed them from a car, while the two men were leaving basketball practice, shortly after 5 p.m. , January 21.

The accused allegedly demanded that they give him their things (“Give me your shit” or “Give me all your stuff”, according to the testimony) before opening fire on Leger, who received several pellets in the area around his left shoulder and face. He was not fatally injured. Mr. Baker still faces sixteen counts, including attempted murder.

Both Leger and Hebb said the car would then have continued on its way without anything being stolen from them. The two men had identified Baker as their attacker, while the latter was in the accused box.



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