Le Papetier Le Libraire Hamster + is hosting the Big Day for Small Entrepreneurs in Joliette on Saturday, June 1st.

Business partnership

Le Papetier Le Libraire Hamster + will welcome more than 30 young companies representing 60 young entrepreneurs aged 5 to 17 in 3 large marquees at 144 rue Baby, Saturday the 1ster June from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The population is invited to visit this large public market and entry is free.

An event to stimulate young people and surprise adults

The Great Day of Small Entrepreneurs is an event organized throughout Quebec on Saturday 1er June. This is number 11e edition, and the 2e in Joliette.

The event is not an amateur activity. After registering, most young entrepreneurs will follow a thematic course to create and properly present their business. Young people will thus develop their business acumen by creating a business name and a business plan as well as implementing marketing and promotional initiatives. And of course, the basics of sales and customer service.

Le Papetier Le Libraire Hamster +: local entrepreneurs.

The Hamster® brand has been a sponsor and partner of the event since last year and Le Papetier Le Libraire immediately offered to organize a public market in Joliette in its large parking lot. 19 companies registered last year and the organization was a great success.

“It represents who we are as a company,” explains Johanne Beaulieu, co-owner. “Entrepreneurship is a bit of our DNA, the company was built by entrepreneurs from Lanaudière and we employ many young people from the region, offering them work experience that will stay with them throughout their lives,” she adds. “It was very logical to act as organizer of this event in Joliette. “Our city and surrounding cities deserve a dynamic and positive event dedicated to youth,” she concludes.

The mission of Le Papetier Le Libraire is clear: to welcome even more young entrepreneurs and make the event known to the public of the City of Joliette and the surrounding area. It is a short and intense event which deserves unconditional support from the Lanaudière population.

With 40% more companies registered than last year, the first objective is a resounding success.

Young people… frankly astonishing.

“We were surprised, and won over, by the spirit of initiative and creativity of the young people who presented themselves last year,” explains Stéphane Bourassa, marketing director. “A 5-year-old child proudly selling his fresh morning pastries is nothing trivial and in some cases, it will have an influence on their educational journey,” he adds.

The long list of products offered is impressive. Visitors will find handmade artistic creations such as jewelry, pottery and candles, items with ecological value such as scrunchies, fire starters and sponges, various culinary creations and even fresh products such as quail eggs and hen as well as plants and seedlings. One contractor even offers foam gun fights on site.

This is the place to find an original, quality gift that will also make a difference in a young person’s life. That makes a lot of sense.

From young entrepreneurs to young suppliers

Le Papetier Le Libraire is launching an initiative this year which will allow some of the young registered entrepreneurs to become an occasional supplier and sell their products in its 4 stores all year round.

“We bought merchandise from several young people last year and sold it during the year. This year, we are structuring this initiative and extending it to all of our 4 stores,” explains Johanne. We have Quality Quebec logos, we will now have Quality Young Entrepreneurs logos, why not.

It’s growing.

With a 40% growth in registrations, the event must now be organized under large marquees.

“The event is taking on an unexpected scale and we have the challenge of finding partners who will help us make this day an unmissable event in Joliette from year to year. As such, the support of the City of Joliette, Papermate, Hamster and O103.5 Lanaudière was a breath of fresh air,” concludes Stéphane Bourassa.

Despite the rapidly growing number of participants, it is still possible to register, even the day before!

Saturday 1er June from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Le Papetier Le Libraire Hamster +, 144 rue Baby (Store parking lot)

Free admission

For information :
The Stationer The Hamster Bookseller +
Stéphane Bourassa
[email protected]


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