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On the eve of European, federal and regional elections, we are interested in the word “populism”. Where is he from ? What meaning does it take on in the speeches of politicians or the press?

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Anne Catherine Simon


By Anne Catherine Simon

Published on 05/28/2024 at 09:27
Reading time: 5 min

LPopulism was born as a literary movement aimed at depicting the lives of common people. The expression then designated a political speech aimed at the working classes. But which “people” are we talking about?

Word people has many meanings that are not always easy to distinguish. In a demographic sense, people designates a group of human beings living in a defined territory and generally having common customs, political institutions, or even a community of origin. People is then synonymous with country or population. In a community sense, which is no longer based on living in a common territory, people refers to a group which is defined by the feeling of belonging to the same community, religious or ethnic (the Christian people).

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