what the LR senators’ bill contains

what the LR senators’ bill contains
what the LR senators’ bill contains

Lhe debates promise to be heated. A bill, tabled by Republican senators, which aims to prohibit the change of gender of minors is examined this Tuesday, May 28 by the Senate. This initiative, launched in June 2023, proposes to make medical transitions impossible before the age of majority.

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“We must be able to give time to minors who are asking questions” about their identity, “so as not to accompany certain children too early towards things that are often irreversible,” explains Senator Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio, head of the working group. having drafted the bill, to Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The government warned, through the Minister Delegate for the Fight against Discrimination, Aurore Bergé, that it would “strongly” oppose the text, while collectives and associations launched a call to demonstrate in front of the Senate at 1 p.m.

A text from a parliamentary report

The bill, reworked by the Social Affairs Committee, partly incorporates the conclusions of a parliamentary report drawn up internally last March, including Point has taken note, and which considers in particular that “the fashion effect plays a big role” in the multiplication of gender transitions among adolescents.

READ ALSO Understanding the transgender explosion among adolescent girls and young womenThis text is fiercely condemned by the left and associations defending the rights of transgender people who see it as a “transphobic offensive”. “It’s a complete aberration in terms of scientific reality and medical support”, believes in particular the ecologist Anne Souyris, whose group will defend a motion for prior rejection of the text at the opening of the debates, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Appointed rapporteur on the bill, Senator LR Alain Milon assures that the text “is not transphobic” and that it was “rebalanced” last week at his initiative in committee.

Ban on hormonal treatments

In detail, the text plans to prohibit the prescription of hormonal and medical treatments before the age of 18, taken as part of a gender transition and which allow, for example, voice change or breast development. In addition to banning this prescription of crossed hormones, the text also plans to prohibit the performance of “reassignment surgeries”.

“Observing that cases of detransition” and regrets are now documented, it considered it essential to give minors time to think about the advisability of long, heavy and difficult to reverse treatments,” indicated the Social Affairs Committee in its report.

Patients who have already started their transition process by taking treatment will nevertheless be able to continue it.

Limitation of puberty blockers

Originally, the text also aimed to prohibit the use of puberty blockers, these molecules which make it possible to suspend the development of secondary sexual characteristics relating to the gender with which the child does not identify, but an amendment adopted in committee is reversed this ban.

The version of the text submitted to the Senate for a vote thus plans to regulate the prescription of puberty blockers to minors. This would now be permitted within a specific framework, within “multidisciplinary reference centers” and only after medical follow-up lasting at least two years.

READ ALSO Transgenders: major trouble among minorsThe bill also sets criminal sanctions for doctors who contravene these rules. They could face a sentence of up to two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros.

Establishment of a national strategy for child psychiatry

Associations see in this text a return to conversion therapy constituting a crime since 2022, which its authors deny. They are particularly concerned about the integration into this text of an article dedicated to the establishment of a national strategy for child psychiatry.

The said article was reworked by the commission and differentiated from the proposals relating to transidentity. It provides for the implementation of a “strategy” so that any child or adolescent “in psychological suffering” [puisse] be cared for within their place of living or place of care”.

“This article is not intended to “repsychiatrize” gender dysphoria, establish psychiatric authorization prior to its treatment, or implement covert “conversion therapies,” recalled the commission.

READ ALSO Transgender: “Everyone does with their own means and emotions” The Social Affairs Committee also adopted an additional article providing for a re-examination of the text five years after its promulgation, “to take into account possible advances in scientific knowledge”.



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