who is Xisca Perello, the first love and wife of the Spanish tennis player?

who is Xisca Perello, the first love and wife of the Spanish tennis player?
who is Xisca Perello, the first love and wife of the Spanish tennis player?

It’s time farewell for Rafael Nadal. The famous tennis player, with 22 Grand Slam titles, most certainly played his last match in his favorite tournament which he won fourteen times.Eliminated in the first round of Roland-Garros by Alexander Zverev (6-3, 7-6, 6-3), the Spaniard then took the floor to thank the Parisian public. “This is the last time I find myself here in front of you. Well, I’m not 100% sure. If it’s the last time, I would have taken advantage of the moment“, explained the Mallorcan after the match. A strong emotion ran through the stands of the Philippe Chatrier court, a stadium which has seen him emerge victorious from his duels so many times.

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Very moved during her husband’s farewell

His wife Xisca Perello, sitting in the box of the best clay court tennis player in history throughout the game, could not contain her tears at the end of the match. In front of her husband’s speech, with their son Rafael Junior in his arms, she broke down, like dozens of spectators. The companion of the Iberian player could not miss the last racket shots of the Manacor bull on the Parisian ocher. Even if “Rafa” will be able to return to Porte d’Auteuil again this summer to play in the Olympic Games, this match probably marked his jubilee at Roland. The 35-year-old young woman was accompanied by the entire Matador clan, such as her sister-in-law María Isabel Nadal. The latter is also Xisca’s childhood friend.

A relationship that has lasted forever

It was she who allowed the future couple to meet in the 1990s. The two children then quickly became friends and it was in 2005, while at high school, that their friendship transformed into love. At that time, Rafael Nadal was already a great hope in tennis. He impressed on clay and was the favorite for that year’s French Open at just 18 years old. His first participation was already crowned with success since he won the tournament after two weeks of competition. The first of his 14 coronations in Paris. For her part, Xisca moved to London to continue her studies in business administration and management when her lover began his career after studying in the Balearic Islands. “I don’t like the idea of ​​spending my days waiting for him. I would feel asphyxiated. And that would bother him. He wouldn’t stay focused on his match“, she confided to Telegraph in 2011. “If I followed him everywhere, I think there would be a risk that we wouldn’t get along anymore..”

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Director of the Nadal Foundation

She always wanted keep your independence and continue his professional path. At the end of her studies, she joined the IMG company as a sports event organizer. Today, she has still become closer to her husband since she directs the Nadal Foundationwhose objective is to give a chance to disadvantaged children or children with disabilities through sport. We therefore see her more regularly in the stands to support the Spanish champion.

Engaged two years after the start of their relationship, the couple took a long time before finally saying yes. It was only in 2019, on October 19, that their union took place in the heart of Sa Fortalesa Pollença, a magnificent inaccessible building located not far from Palma de Mallorca, their native land. In October 2022, they started a family with the birth of Rafael Juniorwho could one day follow in his dad’s footsteps.

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