Spotify increases its prices to counter a tax “imposed by the French government”

Spotify increases its prices to counter a tax “imposed by the French government”
Spotify increases its prices to counter a tax “imposed by the French government”

As expected, Spotify has just increased its prices in France, but the price change remains modest.

Spotify users have been warned about this since the beginning of March. The leader in music streaming in France is increasing the price of its services to take into account the “streaming tax” implemented since the start of the year.

The increase concerns all Spotify Premium subscriptions but is modest, with prices only increasing by a few tens of cents. Important details: in its email to its loyal users, Spotify specifies that the subscription will continue to be subject to increases depending on the tax – the higher this is, the higher the price of the subscription will be.

The new prices for Spotify Premium in France:

  • Premium Staff: 11.12 euros per month (+13 cents)
  • Premium Students: 6.06 euros per month (+7 cents)
  • Premium Duo: 15.17 euros per month (+18 cents)
  • Premium Family: 18.21 euros per month (+22 cents)

Note that this general increase only concerns new French subscribers. Former subscribers will not be affected until July 2024 depending on your renewal date.

Spotify’s new prices in France (May 2024) – Tech&Co

The “streaming tax” criticized by Spotify

This price increase is the result of a standoff that has lasted for several months between streaming platforms and the National Music Center (CNM). In question? The “streaming tax”. A sort of tax put in place at the start of the year, as part of an amendment to the 2024 budget bill.

This compulsory contribution – which aims to finance the French music industry – is a levy rate on the turnover of the streaming platforms concerned (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music or even Qobuz).

Due to these “additional costs […] imposed by the French government”, Spotify had been forced to announce – on to its subscribers – the increase in the prices of its formulas.

“Even after making the difficult decision to reduce our marketing budget […] we will have to make changes to our pricing plan in France […] Clearly, all our French premium users will see their subscription increase, and will now pay the highest package within the European Union,” the letter indicated.

In July 2023, Spotify increased – for the first time – its prices in France. Crossing the symbolic bar of ten euros to align with its competitors Deezer and Apple Music.

Willem Gay and Sylvain Trinel

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