Renting a car for the holidays: how to get the best price?

Renting a car for the holidays: how to get the best price?
Renting a car for the holidays: how to get the best price?

According to a study carried out by OpinionWay for Atout France in the summer of 2023, the car remains the preferred means of transport for 72% of French people to take the vacation route. But, while having a personal vehicle confers many advantages, it also generates significant expenses. In order to be able to move more freely, many vacationers no longer hesitate to rent a car during their stay. However, it is possible to make some savings to rent a car at the best price. Here are 5 tips for getting a rental vehicle at a lower cost and enjoy your vacation as it should be!

The advantages of renting a car for vacation

Renting a car for the holidays turns out to be particularly useful for being able to move freely. Indeed, depending on the destination chosen, it is not always easy to be able to visit the country using only the means of transport available there. This is all the more true if certain towns are poorly served and if you want to go to more remote areas. By having a car, you will be able to move around as you wish!

But that’s not all. Turning to renting a vehicle is a perfect opportunity to be able to drive a model that you particularly like, but which you are not the owner on a daily basis. In fact, brands offering such a service today offer a wide choice of vehicles. For example, France Cars offers many models of passenger car, from the city car to the sedan, including the minibus. Enough to find exactly what you need, while having fun!

Car rental on vacation: how to get the best price?

If rent a car for your vacation is synonymous with freedom and autonomy, the fact remains that this generates an additional financial cost. However, it is possible toobtain a vehicle at a preferential rate by being vigilant on certain points. Here’s how to rent a vehicle at the best price.

1. Choose the right pick-up times

When compiling the rental file, several pieces of information must be transmitted, in particular thetime the vehicle will be collected. However, although at first glance this detail does not appear to be important, it can have an impact on the final amount of your invoice.

In fact, it is common for the price to be lower when the vehicle keys are collected in the evening or at night, rather than during the day. The best way to see these price fluctuations is to rcarry out some simulations by changing the pick-up times before validating the file. An hour of waiting can sometimes save you several dozen euros!

2. Check partnerships and loyalty programs

Another solution to obtain a rental vehicle at the best price: check partnerships and loyalty programs existing.

More particularly, some rental signs are in partnership with, for example, insurance organizations. Therefore, it is advisable to check in advance whether the company with which you have taken out your car or home insurance does not offer such offers. Very often, this is a percentage of 5 or 7%.

3. Compare the different offers

There are many rental companies on the market, it is advisable to compare the different offers before signing any contract. To do this, online comparators are available on the Internet so you can see in a few clicks what the lowest prices are based on the criteria chosen (vehicle brand, reservation date, etc.). Indeed, it is not uncommon to see price fluctuations between different brands for the same vehicle.

4. Book well in advance

In order to rent a vehicle at the best price, it is essential tomake the reservation several weeks in advance. Just like plane tickets, the sooner the transaction is made, the more advantageous the price will be. By booking within 48 hours of departure, it is often possible to deal with car rentals up to 30% more expensive than the initial prices.

In addition, apart from the question of price, this avoids having to face a unavailability of the vehicle selectedespecially during the summer season when rentals tend to increase considerably.

5. Check insurance conditions

When renting a vehicle, it is possible to take out additional insurance to protect against potential damage. However, this protection comes at an additional cost. Before subscribing, it is recommended to check if you do not already have such insurance. In fact, it is common for bank card, home insurance or your personal car contracts to already offer such a service. If this is the case, this avoids subscribe to an additional option when renting your vacation vehicle.



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