the A40 motorway cut between Annemasse and Archamps

the A40 motorway cut between Annemasse and Archamps
the A40 motorway cut between Annemasse and Archamps

This Tuesday, May 28 in the morning, due to an accident that occurred in the town of Bossey between a heavy goods vehicle and a signaling trailer, the A40 motorway was cut in the direction of Mâcon.

A semi-trailer came to hit a lighted arrow indicating work on the roadway. Which led to his leaving the road and by chain reaction, the accident of the second truck. But there were no serious injuries.

ATMB services are cleaning the road but the A40 is still closed this early afternoon between Annemasse and Archamps.

Traffic on the entire secondary network is very difficult.

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Mandatory exit at interchange 14

Users are obliged to exit at interchange no. 14 Annemasse and take the motorway again at interchange no. 13.1 Archamps, following the alternative route S23. A 5 km traffic jam formed as we approached the area, reports ATMB. The highway manager’s teams are mobilized to regulate traffic and provide assistance to emergency teams. Caution in the sector, the Facebook page Radar Alert: Haute-Savoie – Savoie reflects in its comments the very complicated nature of traffic in the sector.



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