Soccer. Top scorer in R1, Tom Giguet leaves the FCEH

Soccer. Top scorer in R1, Tom Giguet leaves the FCEH
Soccer. Top scorer in R1, Tom Giguet leaves the FCEH


Thibault Houlette

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May 28, 2024 at 2:14 p.m.

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After the departure of coach Christophe Gosselin and the end of the career of central defender Julien Dupuy, the FCEH will lose another player at the end of this season.

And not just any one since it is neither more nor less top scorer of the championshipTom Giguet, author of 22 goals.

Aged 23, the center front will play next season under the colors of ASPTT Caen. “I have lived in Caen for two years now. It’s a choice as much personal as it is sporting. »

Several clubs were on the lookout

Arrived in 2020 at FCEH, this pure number 9 only keep positive of his passage on the side of Jean-Jaurès.

When I signed for the club, I joined some friends but I didn’t really know what to expect. Ultimately, there were ups and downs but I particularly remember the two stays in R1 in a championship where there were a lot of downhills and which is getting closer and closer to National 3.

Tom Giguet, former FCEH player

On a personal level, he really exploded in this 2023-2024 financial year thanks, according to him, to a more accomplished preparation than in previous years.

Next year, he will join the squad of a team which completed in 7th place in his N3 group. And despite contacts with Granville, Vire or Villers-Houlgate, the choice of the player chose to engage with Caen postal workers.

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The ambition to play in National 3

With the Caen PTT, it happened quite quickly. Firstly, because I was tired of making long journeys and the stadium is 500 meters from my house and also because the proposed project was the one which appealed to me the most. Now, I’m going there to play in N3 but there is no assigned place.

Tom Giguet, former FCEH player

Close to the Cherbourg goalkeeper Victor Pelleray, his name had also briefly circulated on the side of AS Cherbourg, but rather in an extra-sporting role.

It is finally in Calvados that Tom Giguet will now try to continue doing what he does best: to score goals.

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