the bar-restaurant did not have a license to open its terrace

the bar-restaurant did not have a license to open its terrace
the bar-restaurant did not have a license to open its terrace

The mayor of Palma de Mallorca said this Tuesday, May 28, that the bar-restaurant which collapsed on Thursday, causing the death of four people, did not have authorization to open the roof terrace which collapsed.

The bar-restaurant where four people, including two tourists, died this Thursday, May 23 in Palma de Mallorca, in the Spanish archipelago of the Balearic Islands, did not have a license to open the roof terrace which collapsed, indicated Tuesday the mayor of the city.

“I can confirm, based on the reports” available, that the establishment did not have “an activity license nor authorization to occupy the terrace” located on the first floor which collapsed, declared Jaime Martínez Llabrés during a press conference in Palma.

According to Jaime Martínez Llabrés, no building permit had been filed for this roof terrace, which had nevertheless been the subject of work with the recent addition of a mortar screed – which resulted in “excess weight” of the structure, according to authorities.

“Overweight” of the structure and “influx of people”

“The collapse of the terrace”, in view of the first elements of the investigation, was thus caused by “the combination of the excess weight due to the work carried out and the overload linked to an influx of people” on this structure located on the first floor of the building, continued the mayor of Palma.

Two young German tourists, as well as a Senegalese man and a Spanish employee died Thursday evening in the collapse of this establishment located on the seafront of Palma de Mallorca, where the tourist season is already in full swing.

According to the authorities, the two young German women were on vacation on the island while the Senegalese man – who was widely talked about in the local media in 2017 for having saved a bather from drowning – and the Spanish employee of the bar- restaurant resided on the island.

16 injured

Sixteen people were also injured in this accident, including tourists of Dutch and German nationality. According to Jaime Martínez Llabrés, only one of these injured is currently still hospitalized.

The building that collapsed included a bar-restaurant on the first floor and ground floor, the Medusa Beach Club, and a basement bar, the CocoRico. The place was very busy at the time of the tragedy.

The archipelago, located in the Mediterranean Sea and known for its crystal clear waters and heavenly beaches, is the second most touristy region in Spain after Catalonia. In 2023, it welcomed more than 14 million foreign tourists, according to official figures.

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