Nadine Morano declares that LFI is “anti-Semitic”

Nadine Morano declares that LFI is “anti-Semitic”
Nadine Morano declares that LFI is “anti-Semitic”

According to François-Xavier Bellamy’s running mate, “there are two lists which carry as a political project the destruction of Israel” in these European elections. Follow the latest campaign news.

12:19 – For Morano, “there are two lists which carry as a political project the destruction of Israel”

The LR MEP, who is running for re-election on the list of François-Xavier Bellamy, virulently attacks two lists of candidates for the European elections this morning: “In France, there are two lists which carry as a political project the destruction of Israel and who want to import their filthy vision into the heart of European institutions”, she asserts on X, before naming La France insoumise and “Free Palestine”. “No vote for anti-Semitic lists,” adds Nadine Morano.

She reacts to statements by activist Rima Hassan, candidate on the LFI list: Sunday evening, in reaction to the Israeli bombings on a refugee camp in Rafah, the activist wrote on X: “Israel is a nameless monstrosity.”

11:56 – For Marion Maréchal, the RN “has never succeeded in changing a single comma of European policy”

“The National Rally came first twice in the last European elections, but today it is in a group which is very isolated and which until now has never managed to change a single comma in European politics”, points out Marion Marshal on France Inter this morning. The top of the Reconquest list! therefore calls for a vote for his camp, which will join the ECR group in the European Parliament if it obtains elected officials.

11:31 – 47% of French people do not know the head of the Macronist list Valérie Hayer

MEP Valérie Hayer still suffers from a popularity deficit: despite her campaign for the European elections, she is still poorly identified by the French, so 47% admit to not knowing her, according to the Odoxa barometer published this Tuesday. “The fact that it was necessary to replace her with the ‘PM’ in a debate with her rival the RN to come to the aid of her campaign undoubtedly did not lend credibility to her position in public opinion,” adds Gaël Sliman, president of Odoxa, with Public Senate.

11:12 – Bardella rises again in the polls after his debate against Attal

Emmanuel Macron’s camp hoped to halt the rise of the National Rally by having Gabriel Attal debate with Jordan Bardella. The result is not there, according to the polls carried out since the confrontation. Thus, the head of the RN list peaks at 34% voting intentions, according to the Odoxa barometer unveiled this Tuesday by Public Senate. On the other hand, the list of Macronist Valérie Hayer falls to 15%, losing 0.5 points compared to the institute’s previous barometer. The threat from Raphaël Glucksmann is getting closer for Valérie Hayer: the PS list climbs to 13.5%, gaining 1.5 points in one month.

10:52 – Marion Maréchal: “I remember why I want to privatize public broadcasting”

Marion Maréchal is annoyed this morning by a question asked to her by a journalist from France Inter: “What difference is there between the defense of the family that you are proposing and that proposed by Marshal Pétain?” we ask him. “What is this question?” She is surprised, before ironically: “You see, when I hear this question, I remember why I want to privatize public broadcasting, and save the French four billion. “

10:13 – Recognition of Palestine: Valérie Hayer distances herself from number 2 on her list

The heads of the European list were questioned last night on the question of recognition of a Palestinian state. Valérie Hayer then estimated that “the conditions” were “not met” for such recognition, while ultimately defending a “two-state solution”. The head of the Macronist list therefore diverged from the position of number 2 on his list, Bernard Guetta. The latter, a few hours earlier, defended on Sud Radio the recognition of the State of Palestine in order to “achieve the coexistence of two States”, affirming: “We can help this process by saying ‘we recognize in advance , even before the borders are defined, we recognize in principle the existence of a Palestinian state.

10:04 – “No, we’re not going to give up on you,” replies Quatennens to Glucksmann

The deputy for La France insoumise reacted this morning to the short sentence from Raphaël Glucksmann, who yesterday invited Manon Aubry during the debate to “drop the shoes” to “focus on the extreme right”. “No, we are not going to give up on you. Why are we not going to do it? Because Raphaël Glucksmann is the incarnation of the anti-NUPES”, replies Adrien Quatennens on France 2. According to the latter, the head of the list of socialists and Place publique is “a candidacy for the macronists disappointed with Emmanuel Macron”.

09:45 – The reaction of a spectator behind Marion Maréchal during the debate creates a buzz

While Marion Maréchal was deploying her conclusion of the debate, viewers noticed the spontaneous reaction of a member of the public seated just behind her: the candidate from Eric Zemmour’s party spoke of “fighting against woke propaganda and LGBT activism which destroys our universities”, when the young man’s eyes widened, before putting his head in his hands. A reaction welcomed by Internet users: “I made the same face as him,” even reacted the boss of environmentalists, Marine Tondelier.

09:25 – Deffontaines to Bardella: “The legacy of my party is Manouchian at the Panthéon, and you Pétain at the Ile d’Yeu”

While Léon Deffontaines criticized the “extreme right” for not respecting his speaking time, Jordan Bardella teased him, calling him “Mr. Stalin” and ironically: “Communists who give lessons in democracy, we will have seen everything. 150 million deaths, communism.” Léon Deffontaines then replied: “I do not allow you to say what you have just said. The heritage of my party in France is Manouchian at the Panthéon. And you are Pétain on the Ile d’Yeu .”

09:16 – Bellamy to Hayer: “The first thing you must present to the French is your apologies”

“On environmental issues and energy issues, the first thing you must present to the French, Ms. Hayer, is your apologies,” said the head of the LR list. François-Xavier Bellamy criticized Valérie Hayer for her “hypocrisy” on the nuclear issue: “The government’s record on energy issues is that for seven years, and even I was going to say for twelve years, that Emmanuel Macron is in the corridors of power, we saw a coalition formed by the socialists, the greens and the macronists, which destroyed this sector which was, since General De Gaulle, the subject of a national consensus”, denounced Bellamy.

09:08 – Toussaint to Maréchal: “You have accumulated so much hatred that you speak like a machine gun”

The head of the environmentalist list was sorry for Marion Maréchal’s virulent speech on the subject of immigration: while Eric Zemmour’s candidate listed various facts involving foreign nationals, Marie Toussaint retorted: “You have accumulated so many hate that you speak like a machine gun.”

The rebellious MEP Manon Aubry agreed, in turn attacking Marion Maréchal: “I’m fed up with you using immigrants and all their descendants as electoral cannon fodder”, she is annoyed.

09:03 – Glucksmann to Aubry: “Let me go, focus on the far right”

The head of the list of the Socialist Party and Place publique was annoyed to once again be the target of an attack from his rebellious colleague: she criticized him for not defending retirement at 60, but also for having received the support of former president François Hollande. The MEP then sharply retorted: “You are making me your main target, this has been the case for six months, you have the far right at 40%. Come on, take my hands off me for a bit, concentrate on the extreme right.”

08:57 – Marshal to Bardella and Hayer: “Are you okay, aren’t we bothering you?”

The head of the list of Reconquête!, Eric Zemmour’s party, was exasperated to see Valérie Hayer and Jordan Bardella discussing a potential debate between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. “It’s okay, we won’t bother you?” She said, hoping to cut short the subject which excluded the other six heads of the list. Other candidates were keen to criticize the idea of ​​a Macron-Le Pen debate. “We’re going to do this again, either the extreme right or extreme liberalism, either it’s me or it’s chaos?” In particular, Manon Aubry (LFI) was dropped.

08:48 – Bardella to Hayer: “Why do we have to call Mr. Attal, Mr. Macron to come and save you?”

In the middle of the debate last night, the head of the Macronist list Valérie Hayer asked Jordan Bardella why Marine Le Pen “did not want to debate” with Emmanuel Macron during the campaign. “Because you are the candidate, Madam,” retorted the National Rally candidate. The election favorite was even more prickly: “Why do we have to call Mr. Attal, Mr. Macron to come and save you? Because probably you are in very serious difficulty.”

Valérie Hayer’s list is still around fifteen points behind that of Jordan Bardella in the polls, even after the latter debated with Prime Minister Gabriel Attal last week. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen have been raising the possibility of a debate for several weeks, but the latter asks the Head of State to put his resignation on the table in the event of defeat in the European elections.

08:45 – Welcome to the live broadcast of Tuesday May 28

The European election campaign continues. Last night, the eight main candidates in this election debated on BFMTV. We come back to the most lively of their exchanges.



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