A great success for the USEP/FFBP day

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A rather sunny day which recorded the presence of 388 children and 52 teachers/supporters, classes from Ailly-sur-Somme, Amiens, Beauval, Bouzincourt, Flesselles, Mailly Maillet, Terramesnil and Toutencourt.

Like every year, the meeting with school students and teachers as well as volunteers from the FFBP, had been given in Amiens on the grounds of La Hotoie. Spread across 21 mini play areas, the students played a few games refereed by volunteers from Beauval, Terramesnil, Auchonvillers, Beauquesne and Warloy-Baillon. The formula applied consisted of having 1 tournament of 3 teams played in the morning and as many in the afternoon. Not content with refereeing, the dedicated facilitators did not fail to provide advice and explanations to the children eager to improve.

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Present in La Hotoie, Alain Azouretired from teaching and former federal official, recalled that the very first USEP championship was created in 1976, under the leadership of 4 precursors, teachers, true passionate pioneers ball in hand. They were Alain Azou (Noyon school in Amiens) Gilles Bridoux (St-Aubin-Montenoy school) Sylvain Coffin (Franvillers school) and Serge Fessier (Hérissart school).

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Today, the link with these first championships is the organization of this day of joint event dedicated with the ball in hand. Hoping that a good portion of these young participants catch the virus of the ball in the fistTHE transmit massively to their comrades and therefore contributes to preserve and strengthen the well-established presence of the discipline within the Picardy sporting and cultural heritage.

The federal officials wanted to send a big thank you to the teachers present with their classes but also a big and very big congratulations to the volunteers who came to lend a hand to the Regional Technical Advisor, Francisco Bentothe essential linchpin of this day.


Photo credit: DR and Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports



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