a “seek and find” of Olympic dimensions

The author of the story himself recognizes this: when he looks back at Lionel Serre’s illustrations, he does not always remember where the characters he invented are hidden, just like the recurring animals and objects of the story. ‘album.

Romain Galissot was a teacher and he often used “seek and find” as a work aid in class. Four years ago, he “pitched” his story of crazy Olympic Games taking place in Louzemania to Little Urban publishing, which has a superb collection of giant “seek and find”.

“A wink to talk to parents”

The editor was convinced by the idea. The teacher therefore proposed to Lionel Serre, whom he had met some time before and whose work he appreciated, particularly on “abundant images”, to accompany him on this adventure.

Romain Galissot, the author, and Lionel Serre, the illustrator.
© (Photo Romain Galissot)

Obviously, as in any self-respecting “search and find”, there are recurring characters to be found in each sequence. The authors added animals and, of course, the hardest thing to find: a gold medal.

Several reading levels are available to allow parents and children alike to have fun and follow the story of this series of somewhat disorderly tests. “We also have an extraterrestrial in the story that we don’t talk aboutindicates the author. If you haven’t noticed it, it appears at the very end. This makes you want to reread everything to find it again. »

Romain Galissot invented a duo of commentators who serve as a common thread for the story: “I watch a lot of sport on television and I was marked by the pairs of sports journalists like Jean-Michel Larqué and Thierry Rolland. This idea is a wink to talk to parents. » Just like certain famous athletes who will have to be found.

The “JOJO” are a crazy event and ripe for misuse.
© (Little Urban Editions)

From February to December 2023, the two authors therefore worked on their events with a major challenge: to include all the Olympic and Paralympic sports in the album and to adopt a humorous treatment of sport.

Proust madeleines

“The goal was not to do a classic “search and find”, explains Lionel Serre. I wanted to vary the plans and scales to give rhythm. I know most of the tests, but I had to do some research, especially on attitudes. I wanted to draw the athlete in action and find poses according to the setting and point of view. I looked at large quantities of photographs of athletes to be dynamic and go deep in the drawing. The only difficulty concerned certain sports, notably Paralympic, which I did not know. »

Proust madeleines and inspirations were added to the sporting references. Those of Romain Galissot’s childhood decals, where the images ended up being very busy. For Lionel Serre, these are the worlds of the designer Mordillo, The Battalion Family (another “seek and find”), Richard Scarry for the drawing and Marc Boutavant, the creator of Rotten dog.

“In search of the gold medal by Romain Galissot and Lionel Serre”, (Little Urban editions), 28 pages – 22 euros.



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