mother and son still blame each other for the bloody crime

mother and son still blame each other for the bloody crime
mother and son still blame each other for the bloody crime

In the dock, the mother calmly looks at the son who unfolds his version during the trial. The converse is not true: the 23-year-old young man gets annoyed when he hears his mother. Since Monday May 27, Leïla Abaiji and Sofiane Triboulet have been appearing before the Pyrénées-Atlantiques Assize Court. Mother and son are accused of the murder with act of torture and barbarity of Renaud Leprince, a sixty-year-old found dead, on October 16, 2020, in his apartment rue Léon-Say, in Pau.

As they did in proceedings, both blamed each other for the bloody crime during this first day of the trial. Both claim to have arrived too late. “I neither touched him, nor attacked him nor killed him,” claimed Sofiane Triboulet, during his spontaneous questioning of the facts.

“Real butchery”

“I didn’t do anything at all,” her mother echoes. The death dates back to the night of October 12. The two members of the family spent it together with the sixty-year-old who was hosting Leïla Abaiji. According to the 52-year-old woman, Sofiane Triboulet and Renaud Leprince had an argument. She would have heard a loud “boom” before seeing her son drag the victim “all the way up the stairs”, and put “two blows in the face”. She then left the scene and described the scene as “real butchery” on her return. “I didn’t even see my son killed. When I left, he [Renaud] was alive.”

The young man admits to having disposed of two knives, including a bread knife, in a body of water in Beaumont Park. He also moved the body of the sixty-year-old from the stairs to an upstairs bedroom with the help of his girlfriend Marie, to whom Sofiane has just confided that her mother stabbed the man.

“I am really ashamed of what I did,” said the young woman on trial for altering the crime scene. What I regret most is not following my first instinct and not calling the fire department or the police.”

Multiple wounds

All the protagonists gave several versions during the procedure. “There are certain things that I didn’t say to give my mother a chance,” concedes Sofiane Triboulet. I wanted to protect her so she wouldn’t go to jail. » But while she blames him, “shocked”, he in turn places the responsibility on her.

“There are a lot of lies, it’s too much,” says the fifty-year-old, after her son speaks. It seems like they all colluded to put the blame on me. it disgusts me “. “I’m angry with him for accusing me of that. He did something stupid and he doesn’t take responsibility,” she asserted a little earlier in the hearing.

At no point in their stories is there any mention of the horrible conditions of Palois’ death. The autopsy, the details of which will be discussed on Tuesday May 28, showed multiple injuries and stab wounds, particularly to the throat and thorax. Pieces of “foreign bodies”, such as pieces of neon, found in the digestive and respiratory tracts suggest inhalation while the victim was alive.

“I’m angry with him for accusing me of that. He did something stupid and he doesn’t take responsibility”

His mother’s “favorite”

The two main defendants will be questioned further on these points on Tuesday. This Monday, May 27, the debates essentially revolved around their personality. Leïla Abaiji’s life is marked by “deep childhood wounds” with an alcoholic father, as well as her own long-standing addiction to drink and drugs. Small, with a jagged chin and difficult articulation due to the loss of her teeth, the fifty-year-old with six criminal convictions looks back on her life, her relationships, her rare moments of work.

Sofiane is his third son. “My little darling,” she said. The first two have been placed. Sofiane also spent a few years with her grandmother, then in a foster family. Before, he described a precarious childhood with a notable episode where they lived in a car. At 15, he then went to live with his girlfriend at the time on the Île de Ré. A few convictions also punctuate his criminal record. After the breakup and a dismissal as well as his new relationship with Marie, the young man was “in transit” in Pau, at the beginning of October 2020.

The two personality investigators noted the complexity of the links between mother and son. “A form of attachment-rejection”, explains one. Both seem to have difficulty functioning together, but never stay far from each other. For now, they are sent back to back by the courts and both face life imprisonment.

The verdict is expected Friday May 31.



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