Dian Sow, top scorer in P1 Liège 2023-2024: “I didn’t even think I would reach 15 goals” (+ full ranking)

Dian Sow, top scorer in P1 Liège 2023-2024: “I didn’t even think I would reach 15 goals” (+ full ranking)
Dian Sow, top scorer in P1 Liège 2023-2024: “I didn’t even think I would reach 15 goals” (+ full ranking)

“My first goal at Ster was to find playing time.” After interrupting his 2022-2023 season while defending the colors of Weywertz, Dian Sow found himself a home base at Ster-Francorchamps last spring. “I started training there in April even though I hadn’t played since December. So I wasn’t in very good shape, whether physically, tactically or even football-wise,” traces the one which is now installed in Herve. Obviously, at that moment, it was difficult to imagine, a year later, finishing the Liège P1 championship at the top of the scorers’ rankings.

And yet. With 21 goals on the clock, the 22-year-old center forward beat Bong (FC Eupen), Julin (Geer) and others Turco (Beaufays) or Crosset (Malmedy). Not bad. “Honestly, coming from P2, I didn’t even think I would reach 15 goals. At the break, I noticed that there was a way to get this individual title (Editor’s note: he was first with Cavallaro) , so I made it a goal. I found myself at 15 goals, then 20… The support of my teammates pushed me to go as far as possible.”

Without too much surprise, his composure in front of opposing goals did not fail to attract envy since active numbers in D2 and D3 ACFF came to the news. “But I am under agreement for another year with Ster-Francorchamps and am someone who respects his commitments. Plus, I get along really well with everyone here.”

Dian Sow is also aware that work remains to be done before reaching a new level. “Everything is not certain, I know that I still have to work tactically in particular. I am starting to reach a milestone in provincials: when my time to go higher arrives, I will be able to go there, slowly. I have already said it to Pascal (Editor’s note: Collin, the Sterling coach) : if next year I manage to confirm, or even do better, then I could imagine myself in D3 ACFF… or better. Nothing ventured, nothing gained !”

Go up next year

If the 2023-2024 season of the ex-Rechaintois is necessarily successful, the collective objective of climbing to the national level was missed following the defeat against Flémalle in a test match. “We weren’t good enough at certain times, we were overwhelmed at others. Against Flémalle, again, we weren’t at full strength, that happens. And the team that was the hungriest won the match Well, maybe it will be for next year, the climb? In any case, it will still be the goal with Ster, for a young person like me, could really be great!

Before thinking about it more seriously, the Guinean (he arrived in Belgium in 2015 with his family), who is taking the necessary steps to obtain dual nationality, is taking advantage of a short period of rest. Without, however, lounging around in your free time. “We have already received our individual program. But I try to work on it physically anyway because I know that endurance, at the time, had been my weak point.”

Without a doubt, the opposing goalkeepers of P1 will still be… “Sow-llicity” in 2024-2025!

21 goals: M. Sow (Ster-Francorchamps)

20 goals: J. Bong (FC Eupen)

16 goals: R. Cavallaro (Trooz), M. Julin (Geer)

15 goals: J. Troch (Stavelot), T. Turco (Beaufays), T. Louis (Hannut), A. Lenaerts (Aubel), B. Scopel (Flémalle), T. Dewitte (Tilff)

14 goals: A. Crosset (Malmedy), A. Niro (Aubel), A. Geuns (Hannut), T. Bauwens (Hombourg)

12 goals: D. Lambrecth (Flémalle), S. Jamart (Hannut)

11 goals: E. Mukanya Kabobola (UCE Liège), A. Krafft (FC Eupen), T. Beaupain (Fize)

10 goals: A. Domken (Ster-Francorchamps), V. Vigil Bayo (Geer)

8 goals: O. Keller (Sart), K. Crisigiovanni (Aubel), T. Deffect (Trooz), F. Turco (Beaufays), G. Kudura (FC Eupen), D. Meunier (Hombourg)

7 goals: C. Meessen (Sart), N. Nijhof (Malmedy), N. Burton (Flémalle), A. Latifou (Flémalle)

6 goals: J. Crespin (UCE Liège), D. Rauw (Malmedy), R. Denis (Malmedy), M. Schwontzen (Malmedy), M. Wets (Hombourg), T. Bultot (Ster-Francorchamps), S. El Attar (Tilff), P. Vervoort (Geer), B. Hanrez (Flémalle), T. Stancher (Trooz)

5 goals: I. El Ghoulbzouri (Tilff), T. Thelen (Ster-Francorchamps), D. Vanaschen (FC Eupen), A. Dufour (Sart), M. Magnetico (Hannut), L. Habrand (Melen), C . Brissinck (Stavelot), A. Roex (Aubel), F. Virgilio (Melen), T. Halleux (Hombourg), A. Glogov (Stavelot), E. Evrard (Sart), N. Nemes (Stavelot), L. Heindrichs (Sart), W. Datou (Melen)

4 goals: M. El Farsi (Tilff), F. Temsamani (Aubel), L. Loyaerts (Hannut), T. Namotte (UCE Liège), M. Mayanga (Fize), D. Velegan (Geer), R. Schins (FC Eupen), Y. Luvande (Flémalle), J. Haydan (Ster-Francorchamps), D. Beltrame (UCE Liège), M. Gillet (Stavelot), A. Daenen (Beaufays), T. Mercie (Geer), A. Bucak (Malmedy), Z. Benlahbib (FC Eupen), J. Colin (Sart), A. Rallegri (Melen), N. Henrot (Fize)

3 goals: G. Pasteels (Geer), A. Dupuich (Beaufays), L. Choupo (Tilff), V. Giuliano (Stavelot), J. Javaux (Hannut), L. Durtka (Trooz), O. Meyers (Aubel ), W. Kalam (Flémalle), A. Baltus (Hombourg), M. Fassotte (Trooz), S. Georges (Geer), Y. Harbit (Trooz), G. Piazza (Flémalle), A. Akdim (Aubel)

2 goals: L. Charlier (Hannut), M. Bartholomé (Hombourg), L. Coulée (Tilff), M. Sprimont (Fize), P. Haleng (Beaufays), W. Spits (Aubel), S. Schyns (Hombourg ), F. Henke (Melen), M. Ameur (Aubel), B. Colle (FC Eupen), F. Ernst (Aubel), T. Scheffer (Aubel), I. Calisgan (Ster-Francorchamps), Y. Onana (Trooz), T. Henquet (Geer), M. Mottoule (Beaufays), Y. Tamma (Hombourg), J. Tihon (Fize), A. Boucha (Stavelot), S. Dohogne (Aubel), A. Docquier ( Geer), D. Asensio (Tilff), T. Counotte (Sart), T. Pinte (Melen), L. Drèze (Hannut), F. Offerman (Sart), I. Camara (Tilff), Y. Eyckmans (Fize ), M. Philippe (Geer), N. Spitaels (Flémalle)

1 goal: F. Karatas (Ster-Francorchamps), S. Duchnik (Tilff), T. Denoël (Hombourg), S. Gilis (Ster-Francorchamps), F. Samray (Malmedy), L. Lekeu (Stavelot), Y . Fofana (Tilff), D. Sylla (Flémalle), JP. Peso (Stavelot), A. Soares (FC Eupen), E. Yumusak (Melen), L. Messina (Geer), P. Wangermez (Ster-Francorchamps), I. Ben Moussa (Flémalle), I. Boutgayout (Flémalle) , Ch. Meyer (FC Eupen), A. Lakaye (Tilff), F. Santangelo (Trooz), L. Macors (Beaufays), F. Sambi Lokonga (Sart), W. Afkir (UCE Liège), F. Dothée ( Sart), L. Ferron (Flémalle), L. Lallemand (Fize), K. Sabbe (Beaufays), J. Palleschi (Ster-Francorchamps), A. Cassoth (Malmedy), B. Neumann (FC Eupen), B. Russo (Flémalle), P. Nzuzi (FC Eupen), Y. Kopp (Malmedy), R. Krings (Malmedy), H. Bekaert (Geer), C. Schonbrodt (Hombourg), Y. Mayimona (Beaufays), F. Colin (Stavelot), A. Collette (Flémalle), S. Méant (Sart), T. Larondelle (Trooz), M. Mbarga (Tilff), N. Belboom (Hombourg), S. Bousetta (Trooz), Z. Mennicken (FC Eupen), R. Nkaku (UCE Liège), G. Custinne (Malmedy), H. Simon (Malmedy), I. Cherif (UCE Liège), V. Depresseux (Sart), L. Bayard (Hombourg), V . Lavaccara (Trooz), F. Campolini (Trooz), T. Schnackers (Hombourg), L. Coco (Flémalle), T. Defoy (Fize), G. Ndofunsu (Melen), R. Stolsem (Sart), Q. Chandelle (Ster-Francorchamps), G. Zimmer (FC Eupen), S. Dabeye (UCE Liège), F. Militello (Stavelot), A. Cambruzzi (Beaufays), M. Martin (Melen), T. Olivier (UCE Liège) ), F. Albicocco (Ster-Francorchamps), M. Genaux (Beaufays), J. Cwynar (Hannut), B. Hick (Hombourg), N. Dupont (Malmedy), L. Moscato (Tilff), S. Cerfontaine ( Beaufays), X. Stassen (Hombourg), A. Cokgezen (Geer), M. Kerff (Aubel), Q. Fuentes (Trooz)



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