Weather: why is it raining so much and when will it stop?

Weather: why is it raining so much and when will it stop?
Weather: why is it raining so much and when will it stop?

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While the month of May which is ending was exceptionally rainy, what do the next few days have in store for us and when will the sun appear again? Responses from a Météo France forecaster.

This month of May 2024 will appear in the ranking of the rainiest and least sunny of the last thirty years. “And this will continue for the next seven days,” warns Loïs Porchet, forecaster at Météo France.

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Why does it rain so much?

The exceptional rainfall of recent weeks, on a national scale, is the consequence of “the persistence of cold air over the country”, he explains. “This caused unstable weather with often the development of showers, even thunderstorms, and temperatures rather close to seasonal levels.”

A conflict of air masses at the start of the week

This Tuesday and Wednesday, “the weather will be rainy north of the Loire and temperatures will be 3 to 4 degrees below seasonal norms”. This disturbance is the consequence of “an air mass conflict”. The South-West will be spared with weather expected to remain dry for these two days and maximum temperatures of 24 degrees in Toulouse and Bordeaux this Wednesday.

ud83cudf27ufe0fA rainy disturbance will circulate over the north from Tuesday and sweep the entire country by Thursday.

Unlike the north of France where temperatures will be a little cool, in the south, they will be higher tomorrow and Wednesday.


— Météo-France (@meteofrance)

Cold coming from the north at the end of the week

In the following days, another meteorological phenomenon will rain down on the country. “Instability due to cold air at altitude which will bring potentially stormy showers,” explains Loïs Pourchet. Will be affected: the north of France, the East, but also the Pyrenees and part of the South-West, from the night of Wednesday to Thursday. Temperatures will not rise again.

The rain should stop the next day in the South-West: “Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will find a little calmer weather there. Even if we will have a few showers on the terrain of the Massif Central and the Pyrenees.” Temperatures will remain cool, due to “a wind oriented to the North”, specifies the forecaster.

A drier start to June

According to Météo France’s 15-day forecast, next week will be drier than the previous one, with a clear rise in temperatures until the following weekend. 30 degrees could be reached as early as Wednesday June 5 in Toulouse.



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