Benjamin Netanyahu calls the deadly strike on a Palestinian refugee camp in Rafah a “tragic accident” – Libération

Benjamin Netanyahu calls the deadly strike on a Palestinian refugee camp in Rafah a “tragic accident” – Libération
Benjamin Netanyahu calls the deadly strike on a Palestinian refugee camp in Rafah a “tragic accident” – Libération

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The Egyptian army announces the death of a border guard in “shots” on the border with Rafah

The Egyptian army announced on Monday the opening of an investigation into the death of a border guard in “shots” at the Rafah border area, between Egypt and the Palestinian Gaza Strip where Israeli forces are deployed. “The Egyptian armed forces, through the competent authorities, are investigating shootings at the Rafah border area which resulted in the death of one of the guards”, according to a statement issued by the spokesperson for the Egyptian army. The Israeli army, for its part, said it was examining a “incident” involving “shots” on the Egyptian border.

Refugee camp bombed by Israel near Rafah, at least 45 dead according to Palestinian civil defense

The attack, which occurred on the evening of Sunday May 26, is said to have caused at least 45 victims. The Palestinian presidency has accused Israel of “deliberately aimed” the Barkasat displaced persons camp, run by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) northwest of Rafah. “This atrocious massacre perpetrated by the Israeli occupying forces defies all international resolutions”, wrote the Palestinian presidency in a statement. According to the Palestinian Civil Defense, at least 45 people were killed, mostly women and children, and dozens of others injured in the bombing. The strike took place in the Tel Al-Sultan neighborhood west of Rafah, where thousands of people took refuge after many fled eastern areas of the city where Israeli forces launched a ground offensive more than two weeks ago. The bombing also injured more than 65 people, according to Mohammed al-Mughayyir, a Palestinian civil defense official in Gaza. The Israeli army, for its part, claimed that one of its planes had “hit a Hamas compound in Rafah where major terrorists were operating”including two leaders of the movement in the West Bank, Yacine Rabia and Khaled Nagar. “The strike was carried out against legitimate targets under international law, using precise munitions and on the basis of precise intelligence”, she assured in a press release. She further indicated “become aware of reports that several civilians in the area have been injured”. “The incident is under investigation”, she added. Before developing. “We are looking into the matter”assured Avi Hyman, spokesperson for the Israeli government. “It was really bad. Any loss of life, of civilian life, is something serious and dreadful. he added, also asserting that Israel was seeking to “limit civilian casualties”.

Israeli PM says Rafah strike ‘a tragic accident’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told families of hostages held in the Gaza Strip on Monday that the Israeli strike on Rafah the day before was “a tragic accident”. “In Rafah, we evacuated a million residents who were not involved and, despite all efforts, a tragic accident occurred yesterday. We are investigating what happened and we will draw conclusions.”, declared Benjamin Netanyahu in Parliament. On Sunday, an Israeli airstrike caused a fire in a camp for displaced people in the southern Gaza Strip, leading, according to the authorities in this territory, to the death of at least 45 people.

After the attack in Rafah, Egypt criticizes a “deliberate bombing” on “tents of displaced people”

Egypt condemned this Monday, May 27 in the morning “deliberate bombing by Israeli forces on displaced people’s tents” after the Israeli attack in Rafah. In Cairo, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called in a statement on Israel to “implement the measures decreed by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) concerning an immediate cessation of military operations” in the Palestinian town of Rafah, located on the border with Egypt. The ministry castigated “a new flagrant violation of the provisions of international humanitarian law”. Deploring a “tragic event”, the press release denounces a “targeting defenseless civilians” And “a systematic policy aimed at expanding the specter of death and destruction in the Gaza Strip to make it unlivable.”

Rafah strike: UN calls on Israel for “full and transparent” investigation

The UN envoy for the Middle East demanded an investigation from Israel on Monday “complete and transparent” after the Israeli strike on a displaced persons camp Sunday in Rafah, which killed 45 people, according to the Hamas Ministry of Health. “I condemn the Israeli strikes last night which hit the tents of displaced people” in Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, Tor Wennesland wrote in a statement. “I call on the Israeli authorities to conduct a full and transparent investigation (…) and to take immediate measures to better protect civilians”, added the diplomat. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, for his part said “horrified” Monday by Israeli bombardment. “The images from the camp are horrific and show that the military methods and means used by Israel, which have already led to so many civilian deaths, are not changing”, denounced Volker Türk in a press release. He also condemned the missile attacks by Palestinian armed groups and called for the release of all the hostages they are holding.

In France, the left raises its voice after the bombing of Rafah

“It’s not a war: it’s an extermination.” The words of LFI deputy Jérôme Legavre echo the atrocity of the images coming from Rafah. Since then, reactions have multiplied on the left, and in particular on the side of LFI. “The abominable massacre of the tents of the refugee camp in Gaza sums up the murderers of this army of war criminals and their leaders,” exclaims Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The head of the rebellious deputies, Mathilde Panot, tirelessly repeats the word “genocide”. The other left-wing forces are not left out. The boss of the Green deputies, Cyrielle Chatelain, calls for “sanction” Israel. The boss of the PS, Olivier Faure, castigates for his part “a butcher shop”. “No excuses or justifications. France must follow Spain. It is unforgivable to gesture without doing everything to stop the tragedy in progress. he added, therefore calling on Paris to officially recognize the Palestinian state, as Spain but also Ireland and Norway did recently. The head of the PS list for the Europeans, Raphaël Glucksmann, also raised his voice: “Nothing can justify such crimes, these children burned alive in these tents which provided them with refuge. European leaders must come out of their tetany and put real pressure on Netanyahu. NOW.” Will they be heard?

Israel bans Spain from providing consular services to Palestinians from June 1

The Israeli Foreign Ministry on Monday ordered the Spanish consulate in Jerusalem to cease its services to Palestinians from June 1, in response to Madrid’s recognition of the State of Palestine, according to a press release from Israeli diplomacy . From this date, the Spanish consulate in Jerusalem will be “authorized to deliver consular services to residents of the consular district of Jerusalem only, and (will) not be authorized to […] exercise consular activity with respect to residents of the Palestinian Authority”, specifies the press release. Foreign Minister Israel Katz said in a separate statement: “Today I implemented preliminary punitive measures against the Spanish consulate in Jerusalem, following the recognition by the Spanish government of a Palestinian state.”

Update from Sunday May 26

Josep Borrell calls for the decisions taken by the International Court of Justice on Gaza to be respected

The decisions on Gaza taken by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the highest court of the UN, must be applied, the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell insisted this Monday in Brussels, before a meeting of Ministers of Affairs foreign countries of the EU and several Arab countries. “Everyone agrees that the decisions of the International Court of Justice are binding and must be implemented”reaffirmed Josep Borrell, after the order given by this court to Israel to stop “immediately” its offensive in Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip. But “there really is a dilemma about how the international community can compel implementation” of these decisions, he admitted. EU ministers will discuss it on Monday morning before meeting their Egyptian, Jordanian, Qatari, Emirati counterparts and the secretary general of the Arab League, Borrell added to the press.

RSF files new complaint before the International Criminal Court

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) filed a new complaint on Monday with the International Criminal Court for “war crimes committed by Israel against journalists”, the organization announced in a press release. RSF calls the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court “to investigate crimes committed against at least nine Palestinian reporters between December 15, 2023 and May 20, 2024.” According to her, more than a hundred journalists from Gaza were “killed by the Israeli army”. She specifies that this is her third complaint on the death of journalists in Gaza before the ICC in The Hague, since those of October 31 and December 22. His specific complaint from Monday alleges “eight additional cases of Palestinian journalists and one reporter injured”all “in the exercise of their functions”.

The Paris prosecutor announces the opening of a judicial investigation into the red hands sprayed on the Shoah Memorial

The Paris public prosecutor Laure Beccuau announced this Monday on France info that she “opened a judicial investigation on Friday” to continue investigations into the “red hands” tagged on the Shoah Memorial in Paris. Investigators, who now work under the aegis of investigating judges, are digging into the trail of three suspects on the run abroad. Asked about possible foreign interference, Ms. Beccuau said she could not “confirm” this hypothesis. “We have leads on the perpetrators,” declared the prosecutor, but “I don’t want to say it right away, and I don’t feel up to it” at this stage “to adopt this term” of foreign interference. On the night of May 13 to 14, 35 tags representing red hands were painted on the Wall of the Righteous, outside the Memorial, where plaques bearing the names of the 3,900 men and women who helped save Jews during World War II.



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