8 Adorable Videos to Celebrate World Otter Day

8 Adorable Videos to Celebrate World Otter Day
8 Adorable Videos to Celebrate World Otter Day

Although the date tends to change depending on the region, World Otter Day is always celebrated the last week of May.

Otters are a subfamily of small carnivorous mammals. They can be recognized by their short legs, clawed toes, and long tail. Touching with their nonchalant appearance, these animals live mainly in marshes and river banks.

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Protecting the otter in Belgium

In Belgium, it is possible to see them on the banks of the Scheldt, although they had disappeared from the Belgian landscapes ten years ago. WWF also wants to create a welcoming country for these little creatures.

Despite the improvements, there is still much to be done to make our country welcoming to otters. For example, there are not yet enough fish in the Scheldt to feed many otters.

explains WWF. “Otters also need a large territory to live in, but for the moment there are only small pockets of nature along the Scheldt. It is therefore important to connect all these little corners to recreate one big one.”

In this context, WWF and other associations have decided to set up “Otterland”, “that is to say a place compatible with the needs of otters and where they can live peacefully. By restoring their habitat, we will offer them more space and there will always be more otters in Belgium” explains the World Wildlife Fund.

The otter, a cute little animal

And because it is a tough animal, we have selected eight videos taken from social networks to illustrate the life of an otter. Cuteness alert!

A mother otter and her baby, called loutron

Otters cuddling

Otters taking it easy

An otter doing his skincare

An otter playing in the snow

Otters having a pajama party

A dancing otter

An otter striking a pose

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