Electric car: a Renault Zoé explodes and sets a house on fire

This is information that we owe to our colleagues at -. On May 16 in Blagnac, a town located not far from Toulouse (Haute-Garonne – 31), a Renault Zoé exploded, which led to the fire in the house belonging to the owner of the Renault Zoé in question, a 2020 model. This reignites the controversy around the dangerousness of electric cars , especially since a recall is in progress, on certain Renault Zoé, this for a fire risk.

Do electric cars catch fire more often than thermal cars? Let’s not go that far, but let’s admit that the photo taken by a neighbor of Claire, the latter therefore being the owner of the Renault Zoé electric car in question, is impressive. The journalists of - based in the Occitanie region have published Claire’s testimony. When the Zoe exploded, she wasn’t in charge, according to Claire.

Thanks to Claire, who spoke in the columns of -we can thus discover the details which may have caused the fire:

“She was plugged in, but she wasn’t in charge. Because she had finished loading. The charging station we have disconnects. We only charged it during off-peak hours, in fact. There, it happened during the day. So, the terminal was disconnected, it was not working. »

As mentioned in the introduction, a recall campaign is currently being organized by Renault regarding the Zoé electric car. However, still according to francinfoLa Renault Zoé which is the subject of this article would not be affected by this recall. The reasons for this same recall are rather scary, as stated on the official website Consumption reminder (image below) which depends on the French government: “Due to a manufacturing problem, a short circuit may occur in the high voltage battery. This will increase the risk of fire. »

For several years, firefighters are training in new techniques to fight fires affecting electric carsthis by using tarpaulins and other systems developed, in particular, to counter the sharp rise in temperature of the batteries.

Finally, To discover, or rediscover, the firefighters who train to fight an electric car fire, simply click on the image above.


Source: -

Photo: Claire’s neighbor and SDIS 86 (Anthony Boutin)



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