Nadal LIVE: The shock that everyone is for now!.. Follow Nadal’s possible der’ with us

Nadal LIVE: The shock that everyone is for now!.. Follow Nadal’s possible der’ with us
Nadal LIVE: The shock that everyone is for now!.. Follow Nadal’s possible der’ with us

Nadal won’t be able to keep wiping like that for two hours… 30-30.

Thanks to Zverev and his backhand remained in the net, very kind.

Good afternoon, you have to give time to heat up the old jalopy.

Two unforced errors, a double, and that’s already three break points for the German.

Nadal serving to start this match.

I remember, I was lucky to be there… two monumental first sets, the first won by Nadal in the tie-break, and the incredible injury of the German at the start of the second… We will have certainly not this level today but in terms of dramaturgy we should be pretty good.

Marc Maury’s presentation takes longer than Swiatek’s match lol.

It’s very humid, the roof is closed, everything the Spaniard hates. These conditions rather suit Zverev’s powerful game. Well, no time to quibble, it’s not like he had a choice anyway.

Well warmed up by Marc Maury, the public applauded Nadal for a long time as he entered the court. Take advantage of it, the lucky ones who have a place for this afternoon.

I take advantage of these images to show you Moutet’s response when colleague William asked him about this precise moment:

“I experienced this match with the eyes I had as a child. If when I was little someone had told me that I would be in this situation, to enter the central against Nadal… I would perhaps have believed it because I was a child and as children we want to be Batman, we’re not rational. But I told myself that that match, I told myself that I had no right to do badly for even a second, to spoil it. I couldn’t waste this moment. »

> The very first, where we felt something coming for the draw

> The der’, not the der’? We’re trying to see more clearly about Rafa’s little game in recent days

Not only is the Spaniard’s defeat not yet written (we want to believe it in any case), but he himself has left doubts about the future in recent days by only confirming that he will not would not come back to play here. But whatever it is, the shock of this afternoon should be enjoyed as if it were the last.

The world number 1 crushed the Frenchwoman Leolia Jeanjean in just an hour, now it’s time for the big meeting of the day!

Because yes, even if he lets the suspense hang a little more lately, Rafael Nadal is undoubtedly playing his final Roland-Garros tournament this year. And this Monday risks being his farewell match to the tournament that he has already crushed 14 times, as the adversity is so strong: the former ogre of ocher, now 275th player in the world, faces Alexander Zverev, 4th in ATP.

At 27, the recent winner of the Masters 1000 in Rome seems in the form of his life two years after having feared for the rest of his career, due to a serious ankle injury in the semi-final at Roland against the same Nadal. Yes, fate is mischievous.

» Because we are not going to draw you a drawing to explain that this match is unmissable, we find ourselves in the third rotation on the Philippe-Chatrier court



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