a new All-Stars version will see the light of day?

a new All-Stars version will see the light of day?
a new All-Stars version will see the light of day?

During a recent live on social networks, Denis Brogniart made revelations about the arrival of a possible “All-Stars” season of Koh-Lanta.

An “All-Stars” season of Koh-Lanta in the pipeline? During a live broadcast on the Web this Sunday, May 26, Denis Brogniart spoke about this subject. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Koh-Lanta close to delivering its verdict

It’s no longer really a secret: adventure games never stop making it climb the audience. In France, certain programs are the finest hours of their respective television channels. This is particularly the case of Koh-Lanta, broadcast since the early 2000s.

About it, the famous show presented by Denis Brogniart made its comeback on TF1 on February 13. Baptized The Immunity Huntersthis 25th season of Koh-Lanta was the scene of multiple clashes between the adventurers of the Kadasi tribe and the Makutad. And this to the great delight of faithful observers of the program.

In fact, during these two months of competition on the island located in the Philippines, viewers saw all the colors. Nice that!

And it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Yes, two tests known to all will appear very soon! Indeed, the legendary orientation test, as well as the posts are not very far away. This also means that Koh-Lanta is very close to delivering its verdict.

But rest assured, Koh-Lanta will not leave you for long since two new seasons have been ordered. Pretty cool, right? Moreover, during a live on the Web, Denis Brogniart responded to rumors of an “All-Stars” edition. MCE TV tells you more!

Denis Brogniart responds to rumors of a possible “All-Stars” season

They are only five candidates still in the running in Koh-Lanta, and one of them will go down in the history of the most famous adventure game on the French small screen. But before getting there, Amri, Julie, Léa, Meïssa and Pauline will fight body and soul to find the three knives during orientation.

Appointment next May 28 on TF1 to find out the identity of the three survivors who will win their place for the posts. We look forward !

This Sunday, May 26, on the sidelines of the next episode of this season 25, Denis Brogniart, who is currently filming the next season of Koh-Lanta, did a live on social networks where he spoke about the new edition. Asked about the presence of Frédéric and Ugo, two former winners of the program, the host was rather evasive.

“I won’t give you the answer but maybe there are people who are quite well informed”he declared before promising “heavy, big, good” to its subscribers. The latter was also questioned about a possible next Koh-Lanta “All Stars”, but he indicated that “this is not planned for the moment”.

We will therefore have to wait a little longer before finding a vintage composed of emblematic candidates from Koh-Lanta. However, new seasons are in preparation. Enough to keep the fans patiently waiting!

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